Challenge convention. Change our world.

Clark is a Liberal-Arts-Based Research University

Founded in 1887, Clark is committed to scholarship and inquiry that addresses social and human imperatives on a global basis. Clark's urban location and tradition of community partnerships place Clark faculty and students in an ideal position to exemplify the University's motto, "Challenge Convention. Change Our World."

Clark students

  • Are passionate about ideas, causes and events beyond themselves.
  • Embrace issues and take action.
  • Approach life with open minds and a global perspective.

Located in the heart of New England—Worcester, Massachusetts—Clark enrolls approximately 2,200 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students and is featured in Loren Pope's book, "Colleges That Change Lives."

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduates are offered a broad and deep liberal education that enables them to address the complex scientific, social and economic challenges facing our world through hands-on research, in-depth exploration and practical problem solving.

Graduate Studies

Clark's focused areas of research excellence are backed by strong Ph.D. and master's degree programs that engage graduate students from around the world in generating findings and insights that directly benefit the communities it serves.

Academic and Financial Plan

Clark's 2011 Academic and Financial Plan presents a vision of a powerful synthesis of research, graduate and undergraduate education and community partnerships. This model for a research university will position Clark University as an institution of consequence for its students and for the world they inherit, able to respond forcefully and boldly to the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

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For additional information, we invite you to explore our website, browse news about Clark, and visit Clark Voices for podcasts and videos of students, alumni and faculty.