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1880 - 1888


The Act of incorporation for Clark University is enacted by the Massachusetts Legislature and signed by the governor on March 31.


G. Stanley Hall, professor of psychology and pedagogy at Johns Hopkins University, is appointed the first president of the University. He then spends seven months in Europe, visiting universities and recruiting faculty.

Franz Boas, who would later be known as the "Father of Anthropology," is appointed to the faculty.


Clark University opens on Oct. 2 as the first all-graduate-studies institution in the United States, with departments of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and psychology.

Charles O. Whitman is appointed to head the department of biology. Whitman was a founding member of the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, a founding editor of the Journal of Morphology and a principal founder of the American Morphological Society, later the American Society of Zoology.