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Get cash for your used books by selling them back to the bookstore.

The following are frequently asked questions regarding the book buyback program:

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sell my book back to the bookstore?
Students can sell their books back to the bookstore all year long, regardless of where the books were purchased. The best time to sell books back to the bookstore is during finals.
How much will the bookstore pay for used textbooks?
If the bookstore knows that a book will be used the next term, they will buy it back at 50% of the new book purchase price until they reach the needed inventory. If the bookstore is unable to confirm that a book is being reused next term, or they know for certain that it will not be used again, the bookstore will buy the book back from the students for less than 50%.  For this reason, it is very helpful if faculty members submit their booklists well before the semester starts.
Will the bookstore accept books in any condition?
Unfortunately, no. Books are bought back in order to resell them as used textbooks. Therefore, they must be in good condition. That means no mildew stains, missing pages, or an excessive amount of underlined or highlighted text.  If you are not sure whether or not your book is acceptable, simply ask yourself if you would purchase it in its present condition.
What about the van I see parked out in front of the store during finals week - will they pay me more for my book?
The van is not affiliated with the Clark University Bookstore.   If the book is going to be used in classes during the following semester, you will usually get more for your book by selling it back to the bookstore.  It is highly recommended that you get a quote for your textbooks from the bookstore before selling them to the company that operates out of the van.
Who can I ask if I have additional questions?
You can email the bookstore or call them at (508)792-5330.