Clark University Bookstore FAQs

Do I have to buy my books at the bookstore?
No, you can purchase books from wherever you can find the best deal. However, our bookstore stocks, or can order every book needed for Clark courses and will ensure you get the correct edition. Textbook editions change all the time, and the bookstore works closely with faculty members to ensure the right books are on the shelves for every course.

Please also note that many online booksellers won't refund your purchase if you drop a class. If you drop a course during the school's add/drop period, you can return your books to the bookstore for a refund.
What purchasing options are available?
  • Purchase new
  • Purchase used
  • Rent new (Learn more about renting books.)
  • Rent used
  • Purchase digital version (if available)

Please note that used book purchase/rental is subject to availability. Most books are available for rental. You can also buy or rent your books online through the bookstore.

Can I write in rental books?
Writing and normal highlighting are permitted. The bookstore will use the same standards for determining acceptable condition of rental textbooks that it uses for determining condition of books sold back as used books (see below).
Can I sell my books back?
Yes, you can sell your books back to the bookstore all year long, regardless of where the books were purchased. The best time to sell books back to the bookstore is during finals.

If the bookstore knows that a book will be used the next term, they will buy it back from you at 50% of the new book purchase price until they reach the needed inventory. If the bookstore is unable to confirm that a book is being reused next term, or they know for certain that it will not be used again, they will buy the book back from you for less than 50%.
Will the bookstore buy back my books in any condition?
Books are bought back in order to resell them as used textbooks, so they have to be in good condition. That means no mildew stains, missing pages, or an excessive amount of underlined or highlighted text.  If you are not sure whether or not your book is acceptable, simply ask yourself if you would purchase it in its present condition.
What else does the bookstore sell?
The bookstore gives you a selection of clothing, school supplies, convenience items, stamps, and gifts/accessories to purchase.
When is the bookstore open?
The bookstore hours vary according to the time of year. Visit the store’s website for more information.