Textbook Options

Textbooks The Clark University Bookstore recognizes that textbooks are a significant expense for the University's students.  To help make textbooks more affordable, the Bookstore offers several options.

To learn how to save even more money, see the book buyback FAQ page.

Purchase New Textbooks

The most expensive option, it often a good choice if you will need the textbook for more than one semester and/or you plan on keeping the book permanently as a reference.  New textbooks can be purchased at the bookstore or you can order them online and pick them up at the bookstore when you arrive on campus.

Purchase Used Textbooks

Used Book Used textbooks are available at a 25% discount off the cost of a new book.  As used textbooks are subject to limited availability, students are encouraged to shop early if they are planning on buying used textbooks.

Look for the yellow sticker to find used books.

Textbook Rental

Rental Sticker The Clark University Bookstore now offers books for rent.  Book rentals are available at 45% of the cost of purchasing the book new (a $100 textbook would cost $45 to rent for a semester). Rentals are an excellent choice for books you don't intend to keep and need for only one semester. Approximately 25% of textbook titles are available for rent. You can highlight and write notes in rented books. For more information, please view the bookstore's textbook rental FAQ page. You can also order rental books online.

Look for the black "Rent or Buy Me" sticker.

Digital Textbooks (eTextbook) Purchase or Rent

Using NOOKstudy, a free digital textbook reader application, students can choose from hundreds of digital textbooks to purchase or rent. NOOKstudy works with both Windows and Mac operating systems - it does not require separate e-book device such as a Kindle or Nook but downloads directly to your laptop or desktop computer. NOOKstudy has many helpful features including:

  • Savings up to 50% off the price of a physical textbook.
  • Look and layout identical to physical textbook
  • Highlight, annotate and take notes directly in your eTextbook
  • Organize books and class materials.
  • Find words terms and phrases with keyword search.
  • Thousands of free eBook titles available.

NOOKStudy Display NOOKstudy is availabe for free from the NOOKstudy website. For more information regarding the NOOKstudy and digital textbooks, view the NOOKstudy FAQ.

In addition to the NOOKstudy titles, other textbooks are available in the Universal Digital Textbook (UDT) platform using readers from VitalSource Bookshelf or Xplana.

Look for the eTextbooks display card (right) to purchase digital textbooks.

TIP: Look for all the available pricing options on the display tag:

Price Tag