Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P)

Final M.A. Project Topics

The Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) Graduate Program held its fourth annual ES&P Graduate Program Annual Symposium on Wednesday, February 17, 2010.

2010 Graduates and their Topics

Jenner Alpern
Determining Real Land-cover Changes Using Unvalidated Maps

Kara Baylog
Dependent on the Sea: a Survey on the Challenges to Fishing Communities in Rhode Island

Kristin Brubaker
The Role of Economic Incentives in Environmental Regulation: An Analysis of Market Tools Essential for Electric Vehicle Dissemination

Chuong Bui
Community Forest Management in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam: A Critical Review on Policies of Community Forest Allocation Based on Sustainable Forest Management Process

Yanfang Cun
The Role that Sense of Pride Plays in Social Marketing Campaigns for Conservation

Dana Goodman
Burning Sea: Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecology

Farida Abdullahi Hassan
Impact Assessment of Resettlement Programs in Kenya and its Sustainable Development Implications: The Case of Land Settlement Schemes in Lamu District

Kelsey Herrington
Facilitating Alternative Livestock Production in Massachusetts

Tara Kurland
Stepping on Another Man’s Turf: The Debate Over the Regulation of Synthetic Grass

Danielle Lauber
A Discussion of the Voluntary Carbon Market as a Climate Change Mitigation

Yue Liu
Interactive Relationships between Technology Deployment and Regulation for Carbon Capture and Storage in China and United States

John McKenzie
From Brown to Green: The Feasibility of Using New England Brownfield Sites for Willow Energy Crop Plantations

Sandra Mueller
Environmental and Social Due Diligence Report and an Environmental Management System Implementation Assessment. Aries Project, Haiti

Tin Nguyen
Sustainable Management of Protected Areas in Vietnam: Applications for Conservation Planning in Phong Dien Nature Reserve (PDNR)

Christopher Noonan
The Merits of Participatory Management in Residential Energy Efficiency: The Case of Worcester, MA

Kaitlyn Sephton
The Main South Farmers' Market: Who Has Access and How Can it Improve Our Urban Food Environment?

Heather Strom
Investing in Common Ground: An exploration of alternatives for multi-stakeholder involvement in decisions regarding urban green space

Ebenezer Teye
Sound Environmental Management in Ghana’s Petroleum Industry: Assessment of Existing Capacity and Recommendations for Sustainable Development

Ben Wright
Effecting Global Biodiversity Conservation Post-2010

Hao Xin
Encouraging Media Coverage of Climate Change: A Proposal for Awards of Newspaper Coverage in Hangzhou, China

2009 Graduates and their Topics

Siddhida Acharya
Organizational Response to Regulations on Mercury-Added Products

Elizabeth Bullock
Outdoor Education from Theory to Practice

Maria Camila Calvache
A Community-Based Participatory Study of Indoor Pollutants in Household Environments of Worcester, Massachusetts

Xiongzhen Chen
Study on Prospect Approaches for Improving Food Safety in China

Ashley Curtis
Importance of Pseudo-Absence Generation Methods for Describing Species Distributions Using a Back Propagation Network Model

Elena Fedorova
Assessing the Impact of Impervious Surfaces on Massachusetts Streams: Implications for Policy Formulation and Decision Support

Clayton Fielding
Food Policy Councils as a Tool for Local Food System Sustainability

Dawn Gedenberg
An Evaluation of the Methodology Used to Conduct Vulnerability Assessments of Two New England Fishing Communities

Desiree Hoskins
Exploration of Agroforestry Potential in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments of India

Khoa Dang Le
Fungus Formation and Ochratoxin-A (OTA) Occurrence in Robusta Coffee of Vietnam During Storage: Implications for Storage Practice and Human Health Risk

John Magnant
Bridging the Niche with the Mainstream: Case of Zero Energy Single Family Development in Townsend, Massachusetts

Shrikanta Mohanta
Prospects and Problems of Cultivating Jatropha as a Biodiesel in India

Susan Moynagh
The Grasshopper Sparrow: (Almost) Dead and Buried in the Northeastern U.S.?

Julie Muszalski
Evaluating Climate Policy: The Case of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Kelly Piersanti
Addressing Health Vulnerability in Worcester, Massachusetts: Implications for Community Based Participatory Research

Manuel Pinto
Addressing the Problem of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Luanda City, Angola

Gabriel Rand
The Effects of Wind Turbines on Sustainable Behaviors

Jared Silva
Managing Georges Banks Multi-Species Groundfishing Industry: Understanding Failures of the Past and Developing Workable Policy for the Future

Asha Singh
Biogas–a Potential Renewable Energy Technology for Nepal: Analysis from a Gendered Perspective

Gregory Sixt
Water and Soil Quality Assessment of Wastewater Irrigation Practice in the Aleppo Region of Syria

Amy Stout
Critical Assessment of Collaboration among Nonprofits in the James River Watershed, Virginia: Characteristics and Lessons

Yuzhu Wu
Prospects for Employing a City-wide Bicycle Project in the City of Toronto: What Toronto Can Learn from Paris