Political Science


Undergraduate Research: Undergraduate Honors Thesis Titles


Macey, Jessica - Dynamic Disputes: Causes of change in press-government conflicts


Alexander, Katherine - From Trials and Truth to Amnesty and Amnesia: Transitional Justice in
Argentina and Spain

Biasi, Sam (Samuel) - Holiday in Syria: Hizbullah's Rise to Proto-statehood

Yukio - The Blind Man of Eurasia: Russia's Strategic Mishandling of the Ukraine Crisis and Its Negative Repercussions on Russia Foreign Policy


Lynch, Garrett -
The Blind Man of Eurasia: Russia's Strategic Mishandling of the Ukraine Crisis and Its Negative Repercussions on Russian Foreign Policy

McLoughlin, Kallie - Is Everybody Doing It? Sex Education in the United States: A Comparison of Five States


Bogen, Katherine - Reproductive Rights in Latin America: Authoritarianism, Identity Framing, Religious 'Morality,' and Sexual Health in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile since 1970

Burchat, Patrick - Anti-american Propaganda in Cuba: Stability through Fear

Ko, Kimi - Theravada Buddhism's Political Significance under the Military Junta (1992 - 2011) and President Thein Sein's Democratizing Government (2011- ) in Mayanmar


Salmonsen, Chelsea - The Inside Account: The Future of the Massachusetts Republican Politics According to Massachusetts Republican State Legislators


Furman, Matthew - Overriding the Tax Revolt: An Exploration of Why a Majority of the Voters in Some Massachusetts Cities and Towns Have Voted for Higher Property Taxes

Hall, Daniel - The American Response to the Arab Spring: A Study of Regional Security Strategy and Crisis Intervention

Said, Samer ReNader - Partition As A Humanitarian Tool of Conflict Resolution: An Analytical Assessment of Post Partition Stability


Diamond, Matthew N. - The Mobilization and Retreat of Prisoner-initiated Civil Rights Litigation as Institutional Dialogue

Eisemann, Audrey - Social Media as Tools in Campaigns: An Exploratory Study of Their Use in the 2011 Worcester City Council At-Large Election

Gzirishvili, Tamar - From Negative to Positive Peace: Georgia and its Breakaway Regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia


Brescia, Thomas A. - Warlords of Afghanistan

Chimina, Oana - Russia and The European Union: Strategic Partnership?

Rouleau, Emily - The Supreme Court versus the President: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of Periods the U.S. Supreme Court is at Odds with the President of the United States


Antoniou, Katerina - Intractable Conflicts and the Impact of Territorial Disputes: Cyprus and Beyond

Bainbridge, Samantha - Pride and Prejudice: Nationalism and Xenophobia in Russian Immigration Policy

Bokhan, Kristen - Examining an Environmental Movement in China: Evidence of an Emergence and Its Consequences

Nair, Arjun - Neo-Liberalism and Environmental Degradation: The Unsustainable Nature of the Chilean Model


Aguirre, Gabriel G. - Latin America and its Quest for the Right Left

Fradkin, Julia - Judicial Activism on the U.S. Supreme Court: An Examination of the Court's 'Policymaking Powers' through Case Study Analysis

Lamrani, Omar - Russian Military Resurgence and the Threat to United States National Interest

Hipps, Robert - Water and Conflict: A Study of Water as an Independent Variable in International Relations from the Liberal and Realist Perspectives