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Emergency Room Volunteer and Surgeon Shadowing Programs

Clark University, St. Vincent Hospital, and UMass Memorial Hospital are partners.
A variety of programs provides the following opportunity for Clark premeds:

  • Applicants may apply directly or are recommended by Clark's Premedical Advisor. Accepted participants make a commitment of at least 50 hours over the year.

  • Participants may work as ER liaisons at either hospital, interfacing among patients, medical staff, and families.

  • Clark students may also apply to a newly created surgeon shadowing program at UMass Memorial Hospital.

  • At the completion of the program, you may ask the surgeon or volunteer supervisor to submit a letter of recommendation to Clark's Premedical/Predental Advisory Committee.

There are many similar informal opportunities to serve.
Worcester abounds with medical settings, including: UMass Medical Center, health clinics, Red Cross, nursing homes, etc.

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