Ancient Civilization

Bas relief of a sarcophagus in Aphodisias


The Program in Ancient Civilization is an interdisciplinary program that covers the entire spectrum of ancient Mediterranean culture including Greek, Hebrew, and Latin languages. By incorporating art history, Jewish studies, and philosophy with what has been traditionally identified as classics (Greek and Latin language and literature), our program presents established disciplines in a stimulating and original configuration.

The program, which offers both a major and a minor, consists principally of courses in:

  • art history
  • classics
  • Jewish studies
  • and philosophy

Although the program is interdisciplinary, it is based in the Department of Language, Literature and Culture.

Alumni Profile

Rachel Polinsky with the University of Hartford's Professor Freund

A recent Clark University graduate is part of a research story that has made international headlines: archaeologists' discovery of a tunnel dug by Jews in Lithuania trying to escape extermination during the Holocaust.

After graduating with a dual degree in ancient civilization and art history, Rachel Polinsky '16 traveled to Lithuania to join archaeologists at a site in Ponar, now called Paneriai. She and five other college students worked with Richard Freund, director of the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies and Greenberg Professor of Jewish History at the University of Hartford, and his international team. Read more »

Image: Rachel Polinsky '16 listens as Professor Richard Freund describes the archaeologists' discovery in Lithuania of an escape tunnel dug by Jews during the Holocaust. (Photo by Elisa Wagner for the Connecticut Jewish Ledger)