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During the fall semester of the Biology: Ecology of Atlantic Shores 2002, fall semester class we visited the Marine Science Center in Nahant, MA.  The main focal points of these trips are: to get the students familiar with the Intertidal surrounding and to have them produce their own experiments in the field.  Below are the links to some of the lab write-up that I did in the Marine Science Center.




[Pringelus] - Study of distribution of "animals" in the field.

[Field Study] - Studies the zonation patterns of the Intertidal Zone. and the  amount of species in them.

[Algal Competition] - This study is included as my Final Research Project.  This study conveys the idea of competition and how it increases species richness in the intertidal zone.

[Territorialism] - This is a study of the Damsel Fish and its territorial behaviors.  And the measure of space that the fish protects.