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There is an abundance of organisms that inhabit the upper, mid, and low intertidal zones.  The types of organisms are: the Algae (Green, Red, Brown); the Intertidal Mollusks; the Intertidal Echinoderms; the Intertidal Urochordates; the Intertidal Arthropods.  Each have their own pages to fully accentuate their abundance in the Intertidal Zone. 

     Some of these organisms, however, did not originate from the Atlantic Coast.  The widespread, human-assisted invasion of shallow coastal waters began in the fifteenth century and contnues to this day (Bertness).  Some of these organisms encase or primairy grow on the bottom of wooden ships.  Such organisms that are introduced are the Codium fragile, Littorina littorea, Carcinus maenus, Membranipora membanacea, Styela clava, Botrylloides diagensis.