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Rainbow parrotfish (captive)
A Male Rainbow Parrotfish (Image from:

This site is the result of a semester long assignment for Ecology of Atlantic Shores at Clark University. I, Meghan Massaua, am a student in this class and in it we traveled to Bermuda to learn about coral reef communities. After many chances to snorkel amongst the diverse flora and fauna, I found myself endlessly watching the Rainbow Parrotfish (Scarus guacamaia). I was amazed by the foraging pattern of this animal, as it worked tirelessly to scrape copious amounts of algae from the porous structure of dead coral. Initially, I observed it taking many short bites and few long bites at each site it grazed upon. This caused me to wonder what exactly it was doing. In essence: Is there an optimal foraging strategy being employed by Rainbow Parrotfish (Scarus guacamaia)? This became the research question I investigated and collected data for in Bermuda. The following pages represent background information on Parrotfishes, as well as the results of my work. As you peruse this site, I hope that you enjoy it, find it interesting, and learn a bit about the behavior of Parrotfishes, thus sharing some of the excitement I feel for this topic.

A Picture of me conducting some research!