Ecology of Atlantic Shores
Clark University - Fall 2006
Minta Trivette


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Native vs. Invasive

Tunicates in Immunology

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For pictures from Bermuda, please visit the following sites of my classmates:
Katie Stein
Brenden Clancy
David Critchlow
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Pictures taken by Katie Stein and Deborah Robertson


        The fun began in August 2006. I signed up for my first research-based class, Ecology of Atlantic Shores, having taken neither Ecology nor Marine Biology. This, however, did little to curb my enthusiasm for what lay ahead. We (David Critchlow, Brendan Clancy, Mali Eichler, Katie Stein, Katrina Twing, and I)  began our adventures with collections of colorful poker chips in front of the Lasry Bioscience building, and then traveled to Nahant on the coast of northern Massachusetts to get out feet wet (literally, in some cases) in the rocky intertidal zone. It is here, on the shores adjacent to Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center, where we observed and collected data for our personal research projects. We also traveled to Bermuda to experience and study a different costal ecosystem. This website is the product of my adventures, observations, and studies carried out over the course of this semester.

            However, my objectives and goals I set for this class extend beyond my website. Thanks to the endless guidance of my professors, Deborah Robertson and Todd Livdahl, I am taking more away from this class than just facts and textbook definitions. Not only is research essential to studies in present day Biology, but the ability to present this information coherently and effectively is crucial. The knowledge I gained was pooled from literature, personal contact, and practical experience. I learned how to absorb an article and the significance of its message rather than just reading it. I learned the importance of correspondence with experts in my field of research such as Gretchen Lambert, James Carlton, and Tony de Tomaso. I learned the process of field research and how this hands-on experience was truly indispensable.









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I want to say a special "Thank you!" to my Professors, Deborah Robertson and Todd Livdahl, for putting up with my endless questions, and Camilo Khatchikian for his impressive camera savvy. Also, this class wouldn't have been the same without my classmates, Brendan Clancy, David Critchlow, Mali Eichler, Katie Stein, and Katrina Twing. (Check out their websites above!) Many thanks to Clark University ITS for the assistance with my website. Finally, my correspondence with Gretchen Lambert, James Carlton , and Tony de Tomaso was greatly appreciated as well.

Take Care,    Minta