Ecology of Atlantic Shores


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Now here’s a story all about how my life got flipped right upside down.

And I’d like to a minute just sit right there.

I’ll tell you all about how I researched in Bermuda

In Ecology Atlantic shores learned n taught

in Nahant is how I liked to spend most of my days.

Chilin out maxing and relaxin' all cool.

While slipping on Ascophyllum in the intertidal.

When a couple a Littorina they were up to no good.

Started making trouble in the tidal zone.

I got one little question and  Robertson got scared.

She said “your going to figure out this question in Bermuda”


Non Musical Introduction

     In the fall of 2008 I took a class "Ecology of Atlantic Shores" taught by Professor Robertson and Livdahl. In this class I was able to develop two scientific questions, test them, and analyze them. One in Bermuda and one in Nahant, Ma. So this website is shows the research I have collected during this class. So please look around and enjoy.