Biology 201
Ecology of Marine Atlantic Shores
Kasia Baca Fall 2008
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In Ecology of Marine Atlantic Shores, I received the opportunity to share my research in this website. Along with other students, I did an initial project at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center in Nahant to go over the basic strategies of field sampling at an intertidal rocky shore. It also allowed me to practice my analyses on the data I collected. For an independent project, I did a different field study in Nahant to find which invasive crab is dominating this particular intertidal. We took a week long trip to Bermuda Institute of Oceanic Sciences where I did an independent project on the affects of Black Band Disease on brain corals. This allowed me to gain field study skills since I snorkeled to collect the data I used. All of these projects gave me important research opportunities which I would like to thank Professor Todd Livdahl and Professor Deborah Robertson for giving me this opportunity