BermudaEcology of Atlantic Shores 2008

 Julie Swanton
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Do marine snails forage for food when they are exposed to moisture from sea spray  and / or rain water?
     The purpose of my project is to observe the foraging behavior of marine snails when treated with different water solutions.  
I treated snails  with fresh and salt water solutions and observed for activity.  The detection of foraging was a bit problematic. I decided that movement when exposed to moisture consituted forgaging behavior. Snails with  foot and stalks out were assumed to be foraging.  I conducted my experiment at two locations:

 Location                                                                   Species                                                                   

 Spittal Pond, Bermuda                                                 Cenchritis (Tectarius) muricatus ( Beaded Periwinkle)
                                                                                    Batillaria minima (False Cerith)
 East Point Beach, Nahant, Massachusetts                    Littorina littorea (Common Periwinkle)

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