Ecology of Atlantic Shores  
  Biology 201  
  Lauren Haley  


  Nahant Research Project
Percent Dead vs Live Barnacles in Relationship to Nucella sp. and Ascophyllum nodosum.
  Bermuda Research Project
Size and Distribution of Cassiopea xamancha on the floor of Walsingham Pond
Nahant Beach
  Bermuda Beach

This website was created for the course Ecology of Atlantic Shores at Clark University. I did two research projects throughout the semester. We spent a little over a week at the Bermuda Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, where I completed a research project on the distribution of jellyfish on the bottom of Walsingham pond.  Locals fear it for its yucky appearance as well as the jellyfish and barracuda populations. I spent so much time in this pond that I developed a rash and a slight but permanent discoloration on my hand due to all the Cassiopea stings  The class also took multiple trips throughout the semester  to the Northeastern University Marine Science Center in Nahant, Massachusetts. It was very slippery. I was once attacked by barnacle with a thirst for blood after I fell into a tide pool. It got extremely cold towards the end of the semester but fortunately it never rained or snowed.

I highly recommend this class to prospective students. I learned so much as well as getting to spend a lot of time with some amazing people. In addition to all of my classmates, teachers, and Jamie, I would to send a special shout out to Michael and Michael and whose attention I demanded for multiple hours. You made my website possible and I wish to say thanks!