Ecology of Atlantic Shores

Ryan Hersh

Clark University '11

Environmental Science: Environmental and Conservation Biology



I decided to take the research course Ecology of Atlantic Shores in the fall of 2010 because I have heard great things about the course and the teachers.  I was somewhat apprehensive about taking the course because I have not previously taken Ecology or Marine Biology courses.  On October 9th, we traveled to the small British territory of Bermuda where we had the opportunity to further our studies of marine life, but this time in a subtropical setting.  Bermuda was very different from the shores of the rocky intertidal in Nahant, Massachusetts.  It enabled us to explore some of the same Nahant marine life in a new location and climate setting and it also offered us the opportunity to explore new marine life.  We snorkeled in many different habitats, which included bays, reefs, and ponds.


During the course of the semester, we traveled to Nahant on five separate occasions.  The first time we went was just to get our feet wet (literally)—familiarizing ourselves with the biota there.  After developing 20 questions based on this first visit, we began to develop our independent research questions on which we would focus our research for the remainder of the semester.  The final four visits of the semester consisted of us conducting all of the necessary research.

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