Clark stained glass from Geography building of Biology Biology Seminars


Please join us for our weekly Spring 2016 Seminar Series at 4:00 on Wednesday afternoons in Lasry Biosciences 237 -- coffee and pastries at 3:45.

January 20 Faculty candidate Microbiology
January 27 Faculty candidate Microbiology. Evolution, Ecology and Genomics of Microbes.
Hosted by Biology faculty
February 3 Faculty candidate Microbiology. Using the Vibrionaceae to Study Host-Microbe Interactions and Microbial Ecology.
February 10 Donald E. Spratt, Assistant Professor, Carlson School of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Clark University. Deciphering the Mechanisms of E2 and E3 Enzymes in Ubiquitylation.
Hosted by Denis Larochelle
February 24 Robert Brucker, Rowland Junior Fellow, Rowland Institute at Harvard University. The evolving hologenome: how natural selection can shape interactions of host immunity and microbiota.
Hosted by John Gibbons
March 2 Mandy Gaudreau, PhD candidate, Clark University. Influences of frog-biting mosquitoes and mid-latitude seasonality on amphibian pathogen prevalence.
Hosted by Todd Livdahl
March 16 Melissa Graham, PhD candidate, Clark University. Evolution in divergent social environments: the plasticity of maternal hormone and consequences for offspring phenotypes.
Hosted by Susan Foster
March 23 Jenny Talbot, Assistant Professor, Boston University. The community interactome: how fungal species interactions shape soil biogeochemistry.
Hosted by David Hibbett
March 30 Justin McAlister, Assistant Professor, Holy Cross University. Resource acquisition in a changing world: Insights from tropical marine larvae.
Hosted by Neva Meyer

April 6
seminar cancelled

Sohini Ramachandran, Assistant Professor, Brown University. Causes and consequences of human genomic variation.
Hosted by John Gibbons
April 13 Allan Carrillo-Baltodano, PhD candidate, Clark University. Understanding the evolution of animal body plans by looking at annelid neural development.
Hosted by Neva Meyer
April 27 Ahmet Ay, Assistant Professor, Colgate University. Deciphering the vertebrate segmentation clock: an interdisciplinary approach.
Hosted by Rob Drewell