Clark stained glass from Geography building of Biology Biology Seminars


Please join us for our weekly Fall 2016 Seminar Series at 4:00 on Wednesday afternoons in Lasry Biosciences 237 -- coffee and pastries at 3:45.

Aug 31 Bumpus Graduate Symposium: 1:30 - 2:45 oral presentations in Lasry 237; 3:00 - 5:00 poster session in lobby.
Sept 14 Brian Helmuth, Northeastern University: It's not all death and destruction: thermal performance and the key role of energetics in forecasting climate change impacts
Hosted by Deb Robertson
Sep 28 Marisol Sanchez-Garcia, Clark University: Systematics, diversity, and evolution of the suborder Tricholomatineae (Agaricales)
Hosted by David Hibbett
Oct 12 Elinor Karlsson, University of Massachusetts Medical School: Natural selection and cholera resistance in Bangladesh
Hosted by John Gibbons
Oct 26 Craig Albertson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Toward the origins of cichlid craniofacial diversity
Hosted by Philip Bergmann
Nov 2 Reeta Prusty Rao, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Orphan transcription factors, a role in fungal virulence
Hosted by John Gibbons
Nov 30 Karen Ober, College of the Holy Cross: Evolution below the surface: phylogeography of Appalachian cave beetles
Hosted by the graduate students
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