Clark Students Conducting Research on a Rocky Shore Graduate Student Directory

Graduate Student Directory

Doctoral Students 2016-17

Allan Carrillo-Baltodano
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Biology, University of Costa Rica
Research interests: development of marine invertebrates
Recent or current project: Comparative neural development in annelids,
evolution of early neural specification

Advisor: Néva Meyer

Katherine Chacon-Vargas
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Biology, Universidad del Quindío
Recent or current project: Conservation genetics of Ceoxylon quindiuense in the largest wild population of Colombia and selected neighboring ex situ collections
Advisor: John Gibbons

Amy Cheu
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
Recent or current project: Complex form and function relationships in whole organism performance
Advisor: Philip Bergmann

Jamie Fitzgerald
B.S., Zoology, SUNY Oswego
Research interests: ecology and behavior
Recent or current project: Vertical habitat stratification in two forest dwelling mosquito species, Ochlerotatus triseriatus and Ochlerotatus hendersoni
Advisor: Todd Livdahl

Mandy Gaudreau
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
Recent or current project: Predicting spatial and temporal distributions of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in the northeastern United States using species distribution modeling
Advisor: Todd Livdahl

Melissa Graham
Office: 255 Lasry Biosciences, extension 7622
B.S., Biology & Psychology, Canisius College
M.S., Adolescence Education, Canisius College
Research interests: animal behavior, evolution, endocrinology
Recent or current project: Evolution of the maternal stress response and offspring phenotypes
Advisor: Susan Foster

Eun-Mi Jeong
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Life Science, Konju National University
M.S., Cancer Biology, Seoul National University
Research interests: nuclear envelope proteins
Advisor: Denis Larochelle

Daniel Klonaros
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences 508 793 7420
Recent or current project: Cis-regulatory module architecture in drosophilids
Advisor: Rob Drewell

Alicia Knudson
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Botany, University of Wisconsin, Plattesville
M.S., Plant Biology , University of Minnesota
Research interests: systematics and developmental biology of fungi
Recent or current project: Fruiting body plasticity in Lentinus tigirinis and light signaling pathways in Agaricomycetes
Advisor: David Hibbett

Xiaoli Mo
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Biological Science, Nanjing Normal University
Research interests: developmental biology and epigenetics
Advisor: Rob Drewell

Gen Morinaga
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz
Research interests: evolutionary biology, evolution of form and function
Recent or current project: Investigating the evolution of snake-like body shape in lizards
Advisor: Philip Bergmann

Chitra Naidu
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Biotechnology, Bharati Vidyapeeth
M.S., Bioscience, University of Leeds
Research interests: genetics and epigenetics
Recent or current project: In vivo identification of small molecule inhibitors of PLC-gamma
Advisor: Justin Thackeray

Sean Patev
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Microbiology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.S., Plant Pathology, Cornell UniversityPlant
Research interests: plant pathology and plant-degrading fungi
Advisor: David Hibbett

Minoli Perera
Lab: 224 Lasry Biosciences, extension 7398
M.S. Molecular Life Sciences, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
B.S. Bioinformatics, Vinayaka Missions University, India
Research interests: gene regulation of marine diatoms
Recent or current project: Coordinated post-transcriptional regulation of nitrogen assimilation in marine diatoms
Advisor: Deb Robertson

Dale Stevens
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 480 560 6858
BS Life Sciences, Arizona State University
Advisors: Susan Foster and John Baker

Dianne Suggs
B.S. Psychology, Brown University
Research interests: animal communication and sexual selection
Recent or current project: The evolution of female mating preferences and asking how these preferences change with age; and understanding the strategies/decision rules used by female stickleback in choosing a mate
Advisor: Susan Foster

Abhinav Sur
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, extension 7420
M.S. Biology, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Research interests: evolution, development, genetics.
Recent or current project: Spatiotemporal expression pattern of neurogenic homologs reveals a possible role in the annelid, Capitella teleta.
Advisor: Néva Meyer

Anika Wohlleben
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
BSci, University of Meunster
MSci, University of Meunster
Research interests: stickleback parasites, ecology and evolution
Advisors: Susan Foster and John Baker

Shu Zhao
Office: 340 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 7420
B.S., Beijing Forestry University
M.S., Beijing Forestry University
Research interests: Fungal genome and computational biology
Advisor: John Gibbons

5th Year Accelerated Masters Students 2016-17

Bracket, Amanda
Advisor: Dominic Kulakowski

Corbet, Michel

M.S. or recent project: Early BMP signaling is necessary for proper development of the brain, eyes and foregut in the annelid Capitella teleta
Advisor: Néva Meyer

Crockett, Marian
M.S. or recent project: Running on uneven surfaces: the effect of substrate particle size and unevenness on performance
Advisor: Philip Bergmann

Dokus, Samantha
M.S. or recent project: Exploration in novel and risky behavior in reproductive threespine stickleback
Advisor: Susan Foster

Fragata, Amanda
M.S. or recent project: Investigating the influences of biogeography and maternal stress on early life characteristics in threespine stickleback (with Melissa Graham, PhD candidate)
Advisors: Susan Foster and John Baker

Gialtouridis, Andrea
M.S. or recent project: Anti-predator behavior of Gasterosteus aculeatus in Alaskan lakes containing introduced northern pike
Advisor: Susan Foster

Holden, Robert
M.S. or recent project: Performance variation in basilisks during different aquatic locomotions
Advisor: Philip Bergmann

Joyce, Christie
M.S. or recent project: Does a role in dorsoventral axis specification make the BMP pathway nervous? Investigating the nervous system in Capitella teleta
Advisor: Néva Meyer

Kelley, Gina
B.S. Biology, Clark University
Research interests:
M.S. or recent project: Investigation of a recently discovered gene affecting cell growth and proliferation in Drosophila
Advisor: Justin Thackeray

Kukol, Mitchell
M.S. or recent project: Morphological plasticity in a contemporary limnetic-to-benthic transition
Advisor: Susan Foster

Latino, Michelle
M.S. or recent project:
Advisor: Justin Thackeray

McMahan, Katherine
M.S. or recent project: Identification of novel, differentially regulated genes involved in the production of post traumatic stress disorder in stickleback
Advisor: Susan Foster

Moriera, Jason
M.S. or recent project: Morphological characterization of threespine stickleback in Newfoundland, Canada
Advisor: Susan Foster

Pagan, Nicholas
M.S. or recent project: Use of the chironomid pupal exuvial technique (CPET) in lake bioassessment in Worcester County.
Advisor: John Baker

Seeley, Levi
M.S. or recent project: Parasite and ecology in Aedes hendersoni
Advisor: Todd Livdahl

Stanton, Ashleigh
M.S. or recent project: Genetic modulation of neural activity in C. elegans
Advisor: Néva Meyer

St. Denis, James
Recent or current project: An exploration of the effects of UV exposure on D. discoideum via cell printing and epigenome analysis
Advisor: Denis Larochelle

Stone, Emily
M.S. or recent project:
Advisor: Deb Robertson

Tolchin, Simona
M.S. or recent project: The role of the Notch/Delta signaling pathway in the development of neural stem cells of the annelid Capitella teleta
Advisor: Néva Meyer

Vo, Tina Thao
M.S. or recent project: Male sticklebacks' courting behavior in relation to type of female stimulus
Advisor: Susan Foster

Wainblat, Ethan
M.S. or recent project: Investigating methylation differences within sub-castes of Apis mellifera
Advisor: Rob Drewell

Worthing, Baxter
M.S. or recent project: Genetic differences may underlie variation in formaldehyde uptake rates between species of marine diatom
Advisor: Deb Robertson