Clark Students Conducting Research on a Rocky Shore Post Docs & Visiting Scholars

Post Doctoral Scholars

Marisol Sanchez Garcia
Office: 255 Lasry Biosciences, 508 793 3749
Ph.D., University of Tennessee
Research interests: morphological evolution in Agaricomycetes
Marisol is a post doc in the Hibbett lab.

Mitchell Nuhn 
Office: 255 Lasry Biosciences, extension 7622
B.S, Truman State University
Ph.D., Clark University
Research interests: evolutionary biology
Recent or current project: Evolution of toxicity in Boletes
Mitchell is a post docr in the Hibbett lab

Visiting Scholars

Chaoqun Wang
Guangdong Institute of Microbiology and the South China Botanical Garden, Guangzhou, China
Research interests: Systematics of Boletaceae and Agaricales, particularly the Hygrophoraceae.