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Accelerated B.A./Master's Degree Program in Communications


The Master of Science in Professional Communications (M.S.P.C.) is offered by the School of Professional Studies at Clark University. The M.S.P.C. curriculum is designed to enhance communication skills and managerial techniques through courses that integrate theoretical models with practical application methods. This professional degree is structured to provide the essential skills in human resource training and development, marketing, communication design and technologies. In addition to the main concentrations (Human Resource Development and Training; Marketing Communication, Communication Management), students may further specialize in such areas as: change management, conflict management, intercultural management, and communication design.

Program of Study

The M.S.P.C. involves 12 graduate courses, including both required foundation courses and electives.The required foundation courses are: Advanced Professional Communication; Communication Theory and Research; Finance for the Communicator; Information Systems Management and Technology; Intercultural Communication; and Organizational Communication. During the senior year, students should concentrate on completing foundation courses and, where possible, to complete the internship. During the fifth year students must complete the remaining foundation courses and take their electives.

Departmental eligibility requirements

The M.S.P.C. is open to students from any Clark undergraduate major. Students are required to complete an intake interview with the M.S.P.C. Accelerated Degree Program advisor and submit a one-page essay prior to the signing of the Application Part 1 form issued by the Graduate School. This interview and essay are intended to assist prospective students in assessing the appropriateness of the degree to their professional aspirations. In addition, during their tenure in the program, students with less than three years work experience, will be required to complete a formal, one semester internship, including a required internship seminar.

Program Advisor (Signature Required on Application: Part 1)
Max Hess
School of Professional Studies
Jonas Clark Hall Room 111

Student profiles

Recent graduates from the program have included the following:

  • An undergraduate sociology major now works as an advertising account manager. During the fifth year she completed a for-credit internship working on a marketing plan for the Worcester Airport.

  • An undergraduate communications and culture major, is now a marketing communications specialist in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • A double major in music and communication and culture, is now a reporter for a television station.

Advice for prospective students

The majority of students in the M.S.P.C. degree program are working professionals. The teaching methods in the degree programs are geared toward adult learning styles and the classes are designed to be highly interactive and project-oriented. The program works best for students who are clear about their career goals and how the degree can help them attain their professional objectives.