General Information for New Faculty

Mentoring Program

CETL is pleased to offer a mentoring program for all new tenure-track faculty.

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Information for New Faculty

Academic Program Requirements (by Department)

Academic Advisor Newsletter (information about plagiarism, student services)

Academic Advising Handbook [PDF]

The 3Rs: Academic Advising Handbook 2013-2014 [.pdf]

Advice to Prospective Majors, for Faculty and Students

Faculty Handbook

Teaching Related Links

These links are for resources from schools other than Clark University that may prove helpful as you plan your courses.

Orientation to College Teaching (San Francisco State University)

7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (Arthur W. Chickering & Zelda F. Gamson, 1987)

Implementing the 7 Good Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education: Technology as Lever (The TLT Group; A Non-Profit Organization)

How to Create a Syllabus (University of Michigan)

Teaching with Technology (The TLT Group; A Non-Profit Organization)

POGIL: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

Teaching and Learning Strategies (Johns Hopkins University)

Active Learning (The Abilene Christian University)

Websites for Instructional Use (Clemson University)

Teaching Strategies (University of Michigan)

Colleges of Worcester Consortium

Various tips for being an effective teacher (Honolulu Community College)

Some Useful Teaching Texts Available from CETL Library

The CETL library has many more books available, so if you are interested in a specific topic, let us know and we can let you know what we have! Alternatively, you can check out a full listing of our books . The following texts pertain to beginning your role as a new faculty member.

Boice, R. 1992. The New Faculty Member. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. [Advice for overcoming common obstacles and building a support system in academic life.]

Boice, R. 2000. Advice for New Faculty Members. Nihil Nimus. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. [Advice on teaching and writing. Check out the website for information about this book.]

Boyle, E. & Rothstein, H. 2003. Essentials of College and University Teaching: A Practical Guide. Stillwater, OK: New Forum Press, Inc. [Check out the website for information about this book.

Gross Davis, B. 2009. Tools for Teaching (2nd edition) . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.[A thorough compendium of effective teaching practices. Check out the website for more information about this book.]

Shoenfeld, C. A. & Magnan, R. 1994. Mentor in a Manual: Climbing the Academic Ladder to Tenure (2nd edition). Madison, WI: Atwood Publishing. [What to expect, how to balance responsibilities, how to be prepared as an academic. For more information about this book check out the website.]