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At the Gustaf H. Carlson School of Chemistry, faculty, grad students and undergraduates investigate together the properties of materials ranging from molecular structures and nanoparticles to DNA and high performance carbon fiber composites. The department offers a major, minor and elective courses for undergraduates, an accelerated B.A./M.S. for qualified Clark undergraduates, and a Ph.D. program.

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This Week's Chemistry Seminar

March 15, 2019
"Silanediols in Enantioselective Anion-Binding Catalysis"
Dr. Anita Mattson

March 23, 2019
The 29th Annual Harry C. Allen Jr. Symposium
Advancement of Biotechnology for Diagnostics and Therapeutics
with guest speakers
Thomas Kodadek
Amy E. Keating
& Ryan C. Bailey

Event Details

Time & location for all seminars:
12:15 PM Room S122
Sackler Sciences Center

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Summer 2019 Research Fellowships
in Chemistry and BCMB

Students who have completed one to three years at Clark are invited to apply for one of several fellowships offered by the Carlson School of Chemistry and Biochemistry for research during the summer of 2019.  The fellowship will normally be for ten weeks and will provide a stipend, expected to be $3,700.

The fellowships are for Chemistry and BCMB declared or prospective majors who plan to work on research projects of faculty listed as members of the Chemistry Department (including adjuncts).  A list of faculty and projects is available on the Clark departmental web pages.  A GPA of 3.0 is normally required.  While preference is normally given to juniors, in the past, several first and second year students have recieved fellowships, so all are encouraged to apply.  Address questions to Professor Luis Smith.

To apply:

  1. Find a faculty sponsor (your are encouraged to speak with several faculty) who agrees to mentor a summer project.
  2. Write a short description of the proposed research (not more than 2 pages).
  3. Send your proposal description with an unofficial copy of your academic transcript, by e-mail (only), to with a subject "summer research fellowship".

Application deadline is March 13, 2019 (4:00 p.m.)
(Late applications will not be accepted)

Some students with projects related to brain biochemistry may also be eligible for Beavers awards, in which case a single application may be made to cover both.  Some BCMB majors may also be eligible for awards offered by the Biology Department (which they will announce).  Occasionally, other majors doing research with Chemistry faculty (but not adjuncts) may be eligable for these fellowships, but preference is normally given to Chemistry and BCMB majors.