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27th Annual Harry C. Allen, Jr. Symposium

The 27th Harry Allen Symposium will take place on Saturday, April 8, 2017 in the Sackler Sciences Center. The Symposium is sponsoring an undergraduate poster session, with three prizes of $250.


Protein Structure & Disease

Christopher D. Lima, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Structural Biology Program HHMI
New York, NY USA
“Ubiquitin-like proteins: From conjugation to recognition”

Celia A. Schiffer, PhD
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Worcester, MA USA
“Constraining evolution à Avoiding drug resistance: Lessons from viruses”

Danny T. Huang, PhD
University of Glasgow, CRUK Beatson Institute
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
“Structure and mechanism of RING-type ubiquitin ligases”

Harry Allen 2017 Abstract of Presented Talks (PDF)

Poster Session

There will be an undergraduate poster session, with three prizes of $250.00.  Abstracts (150 words) should be submitted to Professor Mark Turnbull ( by Friday, March 24, 2017. Contact Professor Turnbull with questions about the poster session.

2017 Undergraduate Student Poster Abstracts (PDF)

Parking Information


Please fill out the 2017 Harry Allen Jr. Symposium registration form to register for this event.  

The event and registration is FREE and open to the public.