Gustav H. Carlson School of Chemistry

Student and professor in lab

Alumni Spotlight

See what some of our students have gone on to do:


Andrew Wilson '15
Vestmark Corp, Wakefield, MA

Lizzie Severson '15
Medical School, University of Oregon

Khaled Shennara '15
Ph.D. studnet, University of Northern Texas

Agnes Cheong '13
Ph.D. student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Johana Reyes, '14
ChemGenes, Wilmington, MA

Luke Nye '11
Waters Corp, Milford Mass

Susan Herringer - '10
Ph.D. Brown University, 2016

Kelley Shortsleeves, '10
Ensemble Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Alexander Parent '08
Ph.D. Yale University, Graduated
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, North Dakota State University

Joshua Albert '08
Teacher, St. Agnes High School, New York City

Darryl Aucoin '07
Ph.D. student in structural biochemistry at SUNY at Stony Brook

Yeniva Massaquoi '07
Tulane University Law School

Christopher Seith '07
PCI Synthesis, Devens facility in Massachusetts

Brian Landry '05
Ph.D., Chemical Physics at Harvard University, 2010
Post-doctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2015
Read an interview with Brian when he was an undergrad at Clark.

Joshua Maurer '96
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis

Ph.D. Graduates

Jia (Will) Wei Ph.D. '15
Research Scientist at PCI Synthesis, Devens, MA

Kevin Robbins Ph.D. '13
Postdoctorial Fellow, University of Connecticut

Gai (Grace) Lui Ph.D '12
Postdoctorial Fellow, Washington University

Jamie B. Towle-Weicksel Ph.D. '12
Postdoctorial Fellow, Yale University

Ting Liu Ph.D.'12
Postdoctorial Fellow, University of Rhode Island

Yan Meng, Ph.D. '11
Senior Project Engineer, Labtech Holdings, Holliston, MA

Xi (Clara) Chen, Ph.D. '10
Waters Corp - Shanghai, China

XueFeng Wang, Ph.D. '09
Postdoctoral Fellow, Texas A&M

Hao (Howard) Wu, Ph.D. '09

K&L Consulting Services, Fort Washington, PA.

Karlo Lopez, Ph.D. '07
Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Barbara

Kelly Elkins, Ph.D. '03
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Christopher Glynn, Ph.D. '99
Patent Attorney, Kenyon and Kenyon, New York

Jason Anagnostis, Ph.D. '98
Product Development, Benjamin Moore, New Jersey