Gustav H. Carlson School of Chemistry

Student and professor in lab

Graduate Student Research

Joshua Boykin (Advisor: Professor Luis Smith)
"Microwave Assisted Alcohol Intercalation of Three-layer Dion-Jacobson Perovskites and Solid State NMR Study of Mixed Nb/Ta Four-layer Dion-Jacobson Perovskites"

Xiaorui (Sean) Chen (Advisor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)
"Study of Ion Conducting Materials using Multifunctional Phase-Separated Block"

Valerie Ivancic, (Advisor: Professor Noel Lazo)
"Biophysical Studies of Small Molecules in the Presence of Amyloid Fibrils"

Hanzhong (Fido) Liu (Advisor: Sharon Huo)
"Comparing Two Clustering Methods Based on Inherent Structure and RMSD"

Kai Peng (Advisor: Professor Frederick Greenaway)
"Inhibitors Study of Lysyl Oxidase"

Michael Reardon (Advisor: Professor Chuck Jacobsche)
"Synthesis of Anti-MRSA Dolabellane Alcohol"

Linshu Wang (Advisor: Professor Chuck Jacobsche)
"Towards Hydrazine-Functionalized Peptides as Potential Lysyl Oxidase Inhibitors"

Jia (Will) Wei (Advisor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)
"Synthesis via ROMP of Brushed Polycyclobutene Diblock Copolymer"

Yaya Wang (Advisor: Joseph Tang)
"Impact of Esterified Bacteriochlorophylls on the Biogenesis of Chlorosomes in Chloroflexus Aurantiacus"