Gustaf H. Carlson School of Chemistry

Student and professor in lab

Graduate Student Research

Steven Beasley (Advisor: Professor Don Spratt)

Joshua Boykin (Advisor: Professor Luis Smith)
"Exploring the Local Structure of Three-and-Four-Layer Dion-Jacobson Phase Compounds Using Solid-State NMR"

Anamika Datta (Advisor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)
“PEI-based polymer blends as Lithium conductors for rechargeable batteries”

Valerie Ivancic, (Advisor: Professor Noel Lazo)
"Biophysical Studies of Small Molecules in the Presence of Amyloid Fibrils"

Pramod Mishra (Advisor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Jeffrey Monroe (Advisor: Professor Mark Turnbull)
“Rational design, synthesis, and magnetic susceptibility of copper(II) halide compounds with 1,4’-bipyridinium and 1-(4’-pyridyl)pyridinium-4-ol”

Wendy Nason (Advisor: Professor Luis Smith)
“Synthesis of layered niobates in a modular and controllable fashion”

Michael Reardon (Advisor: Professor Chuck Jacobsche)
"Synthesis of Anti-MRSA Dolabellane Alcohol"

Qingzhen (Mark) Tan (Advisor: Professor Shuanghong (Sharon) Huo)
“Folding Mechanism Study of Trp-cage by MaxFlux-Probabilistic Roadmap Algorithm”

Yaya Wang (Advisor: Professor Don Spratt)
"Impact of Esterified Bacteriochlorophylls on the Biogenesis of Chlorosomes in Chloroflexus Aurantiacus"

Muyun (Tony) Xu (Advisor: Professor Shuanghong (Sharon) Huo)
“Hydrazine-Functionalized Peptide Inhibitor for Lysyl Oxidase”

Tianyi (Teddy) Yang (Advisor: Professor Shuanghong (Sharon) Huo)