Theater Arts

Theater Seats

Performance Organizations

All organizations are open to audition by both majors and non-majors.


Main Stage
The Theater Program produces two main stage shows a year.

Clark University Players Society
The Clark University Players Society (CUPS), a student-run theater organization, hold a membership meeting in both the Fall and Spring semesters. CUPS produces a number of workshop productions and readings during the year. It's a great opportunity for actors, writers, and designers to get involved.

Peapod Squad
The Pea Pod Squad is Clark's award-winning improv comedy troupe. Pea Pod Squad is coming off a victory in the 2006 Bean Pot Improv tournament held annually at Harvard University. The Pea Pod Squad holds five performances on campus annually. For more information, email Professor Gino DiIorio.

Musical Theater Union
The Union is devoted to providing students, faculty, and the community with an opportunity to perform in and enjoy a unique and significant art form.

Tuesday Night Workshop
At least once a month, actors and playwrights meet at the the Tuesday Night Workshop to hear scenes from new works read aloud in the Little Center theater. There are often poems and essays read as well. It’s a great opportunity to find out what’s being developed and to meet other artists on campus.


Ballroom Dance Team and Club
Ballroom Dance is a rapidly growing activity on campuses nation wide. Both the team and the club is open to all students and has no tryouts. All ballroom dances as well as other club dances are explored through weekly classes. Team members are given the opportunity to choreograph their own routines for performances as well as compete throughout the New England area at various ballroom competitions. Send us an email and watch these YouTube videos of Ballroom's performance at a recent Ballroom competition and Clark's International Gala.

Dance Society
The Dance Society gives male and female students the opportunity to become involved in dance, to choreograph and to perform in the annual fall and spring productions. Watch a YouTube video.

Hip Hop Collabo
Hip Hop Collabo is a student run dance group that draws on hip hop, R&B, and reggae music for inspiration and rhythm. Auditions are held each fall. Watch a YouTube video.

Variant Dance Troupe
Variant Dance Troupe provides a fun, open atmosphere for anyone who wants to make a commitment to dance, whether they have had experience or not. A variety of dance styles are explored, including lyrical, modern, jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop. Email us and watch a YouTube video of VDT performing at Clark's International Gala.