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Financial Aid for Ph.D. Study

Financial aid for Ph.D. study in economics at Clark consists principally of scholarships and teaching assistantships. Application for financial aid is part of the application for admission. Financial aid applicants are ordinarily considered, for tuition remission scholarships and TAs. Tuition remission can be for full tuition or for a portion of tuition.

Teaching assistantships are highly competitive, and awards to incoming students are based on prior academic performance and on promise as a TA. TA awards carry a stipend for the academic year. Students granted an assistantship during the first year will ordinarily continue to receive it through the third year provided that they demonstrate acceptable progress in the Program. Students are reviewed annually for their academic performance and performance as a TA. Renewal of support is contingent on satisfactory performance in both categories. Continuing students may apply for a Teaching Assistantship. Teaching assistants are evaluated by both the supervising professor and the students participating in their classes. A full-time TA is expected to work 17½ hours per week grading papers, holding discussion sections, and assisting students during office hours.

Teaching assistantships are usually available to students only during their first four years of graduate school, with priority given to students in their first three years. New TAs are assigned an experienced TA to help with learning the job. The Economics Department has instituted a Teaching Mentoring program, in which qualified advanced graduate students are offered an opportunity to teach a full course with assistance from a faculty mentor.

Faculty members with grant-funded research sometimes hire research assistants for either the summer or the academic year. These positions often, but not always, will be offered to students with a research interest in the faculty member's field. RA positions are ordinarily filled by advanced graduate students.

Advanced graduate students may also find part-time teaching opportunities in eight other colleges in the Worcester area, including Clark University's Adult Education branch, COPACE.