Stock Market

Recent Ph.D. Dissertations


Xiaxin Hua
"An Exploration of the Determinants of Systematic Risk and Financial Crisis" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Saurav Katwal
"Exploring the Linkages between the Markets for Housing and Education" (adviser John Brown)

Gbetonmasse Blaise Somasse
"Essays on the Relationships between Education Policies, Achievement, Labor Market Outcomes, and Inequality" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Mariko Gayani Tilakaratne Wijekoon
"The Demand for Food and Nutrients in Sri Lanka"


Belkis Johnanna Cerrato Caceres
"Analyzing the Food Environment's Impact in Neighboring Communities" (adviser Jacqueline Geoghegan)

Shane Dwyer
"An Exploration of the Relationship Between Private and Public Finance at the International, Regional, and Local Level" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Monica Lambon
"Health Insurance, Women Empowerment and Child Mortality in Ghana" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Wang Jin
"Environmental Regulation and Plant's Behavior" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Christa Michelle Marr
"Exploring Income Inequality in the United States through Redistribution Preferences, Intergenerational Mobility, and Political Polarization" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Luchao Zhang
"The Impact of Workplace Safety on Occupational Choices and Wages" (adviser Wayne Gray)


Michael D. McKay
"Maternal Bargaining Power and Safety Nets:  Impacts on Consumption and Childhood Health" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Shital Sharma
"Environmental Regulation, Pollution Abatement and Productivity:  A Frontier Analysis" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Samuel Kofi Ampaabeng
"Three Essays on the Determinants of Educational Achievement" (Chih Ming Tan)

Alemseged Gebreamlak Lemma
"Productivity and Turnover of the Private and Public Firms in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Daniel Jonathan Martin
"Studies in Macro Labor Markets:  Flows, Stability, Search and Matching" (adviser John Brown)

Liang Zheng
"Measuring Urban Amenities and Disamenities in U. S. Cities - A Discrete-Choice Approach" (adviser Junfu Zhang)


Boishampayan Chatterjee
"Essays on Racial Residential  Segregation, Suburbanization and Black Unemployment" (adviser Junfu Zhang)

Michael Richard Johnson
" Two Essays on Free and Open Source Software" (adviser Sang Hoo Bae)

Hongshuang Li
"The Relationship Between Trade and the Environment and Their Impacts on Productivity:  Evidence from the U.S. and China" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Sergey Kazakov
"What Creates a Successful Entrepreneur? Study of Determinants of Entrepreneurial Survival and Success" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Jordan Marvakov
"Commuting, National Border Effects, and Regional Differences in the European Union" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Nkechi Srodah Onuoha Owoo
"Causes and Consequences of Fertility in the U.S. and Ghana: A Spatial Econometric Approach" (adviser Amy Ickowitz)

Ying Zhen
"English-Language Proficiency's Effects on Earnings and Employment of Foreign-Born Immigrants in the United States"
(adviser Wayne Gray)


Julien Bandiaky
"Labor Market Efficiency in West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Soumendra Nath Banerjee
"Environmental Regulation and Economic Performance in U.S. Manufacturing: Industries, Firms, and Plants" (adviser Wayne Gray)

Soumendra Banerjee
"Environmental Regulation and Economic Performance in the U.S. Manufacturing: Industries, Firms, and Plants"

Julien Bandiaky
"Labor Market Efficiency in West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)"

Oswaldo Patino
"Effects of International Alliances on Air Traffic: A Case Study of US and International Carriers"

Allison Shwachman Kaminaga
"An Empirical Analysis of Social Interactions: Implications for HIV and Domestic Violence Prevention Programs in Rural Malawi"

Soumitra Das
"Discrimination and Affirmative Action" case of Labor Market in India"

Kaushik Ghosh
"OSHA Regulation: Worker Participation, Plant Compliance, and Productivity"

Sara Bothun
"Reassessing the Benefits of Education: Three Papers on the Effects of Education in Ghana"


Arnab Biswas
"Foreclosures and Housing Prices in a Heterogeneous Housing Market: Spatial Externalities, Crowding-in and Filtering Effects over the Short-and Long-run"

Tuan Nguyen
"Theoretical and Empirical Studies on Bundling Incentives for US Cable Companies"

Mahesh Ramachandran
"Three Essays in the Economics of Suburban Water Demand: A Spatial Panel Data Analysis of Residential Outdoor Water Demand"

Trina Das
"Labor Force Participation, Earnings, and Occupational Distribution of Asian and Hispanic Married Female Immigrants"

Sujoy Das
"Educational Attainment: A Comparative Analysis of Asians vs. Traditional Minorities"


Alar Kein
"A Study of Spillovers of Returns and Volatilities and Associated Asymmetries in the Estonian Stock Market"

Ritashree Chakrabarti
"Essays on Affordable Housing and Regional Economic Growth"

Naa Akofio-Sowah
"Exchange Rate Pass-Through and the Monetary Regime in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies: is there a Link?"

William Carlson
"The Gold Mine Model of Economic Development: Labor Sorting, Wage Gradients and Housing Prices"

Sutanuka Dev Roy
"Unemployment and Wage Rigidity in the European Monetary Union: An Imperical Investigation"

Dobdinga Fonchamnyo
"The Paradox of External Debt: Lessons from Two Decades of Debt Relief"

Samanmala Dorabawila
"The Dimensions of the Sri Lankan Dual Labor Market"


Nicole Bissessar
"Corruption: Its Consequences, Causes and Persistence"

Maggie Cole-Beebe
"What do Nurses Unions do? Implications for RN wages, the Patient Care Environment, and Patient Outcomes"


Chyanda Querido
"A Game-theoretic Approach to Mass Killing and War"

John Moore
"Inter-district choice in the State of Massachusetts"

Suchandra Basu
"Transboundary Pollution Spill-ins and Local Regulatory Response"


Ladislav Wintr
"Three Essays Analyzing Internet Markets"

Anna Belova
"Equivocal Enforcement: Regulatory Contests in OSHA"

Soma Ghosh
"Strategic Interaction Among Local Governments: A Spatial Analysis of Spillover of Public Goods"

Bhramar Dey
"Revealing Agency Preferences: The Case of OSHA"


Bander Al-Abdulkarim
"An Analysis of Macroeconomic Fluctuations for a Small Open Oil-based Economy: The Case of Saudi Arabia"

Hamza Al-Salem
"Demand for International Reserves of Oil Exporting Countries"

Rabia Aslam
"Measuring the Peace Dividend: Evidence from Developing Economies"

Nirupama Devaraj
"Exit and Voice: An Analysis of Direct Participation in a Tiebout Framework"

Vladislav Dolgopolov
"Budget Deficit and Debt Accumulation: An Empirical Test of Two Theories"

Nevila Kote
"The UN Security Council Veto: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis"

Trufat Woldesenbet
"Efficiency of Representative Democracy: A Comparative Study of Two Competing Models"

Ieva Rubene
"Does Inflation Targeting Matter? An Analysis of the European Central Bank Common Monetary Policy"


Michael Fragkias
"Essays in Applied Spatial Economics"

Landy Johnson
"A Spatially-Explicit, Individual-Based Economic Model of Wetlands Losses in Urban and Rural Areas of Mississippi from 1982-1992"

Elizabeth Wark
"The Impact of Health Insurance on the Determinants of Medical Expenditures in the United States from 1987 to 1996"


Constantine Alexandrakis
"Research and Development, Real Interest Rate, and Technological Growth"

Vjacheslav Dombrovsky
"Two Essays on Public Sector Economics"

Zahid Hafeez
"Long-run Analysis of the Impact of EPA and OSHA Regulation on Manufacturing Productivity"

Aleksandra Simic
"Internalizing Pollution Externalities through Out-Migration"

Rita Babihuga
"Estimating the Optimal Size of Government in the Context of Endogenous Growth Model"


Sunil Maheshwari
"Economic Growth and the Environment: An Examination of Indian Data"

George Andrew Riley
"Technology, High Technology, and Interstate Earnings Inequality"

Robert Thomas Jones
"Can Migration Lead to the de facto Merging of Rich and Poor Communities: A Special Application to the Provision of Medicaid"

Bansari Saha
"Impact of Air and Water Pollution on Housing Prices: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis for the Pulp and Paper Industry"


Socrates Karidis
"Fiscally Induced Migration in the European Union"

Saad Aslam
"Determinants of Consumption in the Long-Run and Short-Run: A Critical Analysis of the Implications of Permanent Income Hypothesis"

Aparna Sau
"Impact of Exchange Rate Change in a Spatial Model of Differentiated Goods"

Elizabeth Pitney Seidler
"A Comparison of Access to Health Care for the Black and White Populations in the United States Over the Past Twenty-five Years"


Jon Boulet
"The Austro-Hungarian Empire as an Optimal Currency Area"

Yamini Gupt
"Pollution in a Spatial Model"

Colin Vance
"Land-Use Change, Deforestation, and Peasant Farm Systems; A Case Study of Mexico’s Southern Yucatan Peninsular Region"


Malcom Asadoorian
"Environmental Awareness, Inequities, and Justice"

Shengjun (Steve) Guo
"The Influence of OSHA Inspectors’ Detection Capabilities on OSHA Effectiveness: Evidence from a Panel Data 1979-1985"

Mohua (Datta) Ghosh
"Rivalry in Business and among Nations: Applications to the Price Structure in the US Telecom Industry and Defense Spending in India and Pakistan"

Vivek Rao
"An Empirical Investigation in the Asymmetric Impact of Federal Reserve Policy on the Industrial Sector at the Disaggregated Level"

Ravinder Chahil
"Interest Rate Spreads and the Business Cycle: Role of Liquidity and Uncertainty"

Aylin Sertkaya
"Two Essays on Spatial Competition"


Kathleen Desai
"The Impact of Debt-Management Policies on the Treasury Yield Curve"

Louis Nadeau
"An Empirical Investigation of EPA Effectiveness: Enforcement and Compliance in the Pulp and Paper Industry"


Arup Dutta
'Loan Sales: An Empirical Investigation of the Competition Hypothesis"

Christian Dufresne
"The Effect of Firm Count on the Extent of Vertical Integration: An Empirical Investigation of the Inorganic Chemical Industry"

Mahadevan Ramachandran
"Food Security: Economics of Famine Food Aid and Market Integration in Ethiopia"

Sujha Subramanian
"Child Health and the Utilization of Primary Health Services in Tanzania"

Yong Zhu
"Impact of High Technology on Economic Growth"


Kamal Desai
"Capitalism of Fiscal Differences & Willingness to Pay: An Empirical Study Using Hedonic Price Mechanism"

Anjum Majeed
"Computer Modeling in Economics"

Peter Vasiliadis
"A Dominant Incentive Mechanism for the Provision of Local Public Goods"

Todd Bohan
"Speculative Attacks, Credibility, and Exchange Rate Uncertainty, Some Evidence from the European Monetary System: 1992-1993"

Irene Peters
"The Impact of a Solid Waste Disposal Charge on Packaging: An Econometric Model"


Gary Tripp
"Steady-State Convergence and the Role of Public Capital Across U.S. States"

Kavita Iyengar
"Trade Policy with Endogenous Quality"


Albert Laryea
"The Effects of Devaluation on Output in Developing Countries"


David Zalewski
"An Empirical Analysis of Uncertainty and Investment During the Great Depression"

Bonnie Orcutt
"Meeting Future Demands for Elderly Housing: A Suggested Approach"

Georgios M. Dairis
"Import Penetration in Oligopolistic Markets"


Ronald Shadbegian
What Determines the Size of the Local Public Sector? Leviathan versus the Median Voter"


Panagiotis Liargovas
"Sectoral Effects of Real Exchange Rate Uncertainty on Trade: A Case Study of the Greek Trade Flows"

Kavita Sethi
"The Spatial Competition under Fear of Undercutting: A New Variant of Conjectural Behavior"

Janice Yee
"Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade: An Analysis of U.S.-Canadian Trade Flows"

Panayiota Flori
"An Intertemporal Approach to the Current Account: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Case of Cyprus"

Evangelia Papapetrou
"Compensating Wage Differentials for Health Risks"


George Hondroyiannis
"A New Approach to Evaluate Risks to Life: A Case Study of End-Stage Renal Disease"

Ute Schumacher
"Commodity Bundling in Duopoly Markets"

Caesar Cororaton
"A General Equilibrium Approach to the Analysis of the Short-run Effects of Tariff Restructuring and Foreign Exchange Rate Devaluation in the Philippines"

Gladstone Hutchinson
"Efficiency Gains through Privatization: An Empirical Analysis of the U.K. Experience"

Michael Compson
"The Effects of Group Behavior on Philanthropic Contributions: An Empirical Test of the Theory of Reciprocity"


Muhammad Arif
"The Role of the Agricultural Sector in the Economic Development of Pakistan: Inter-Sectoral Resource Flows and Growth Linkages (1972-81)"

Peter Damian Lena
"Export Earnings Instability and its Impact on Domestic Investment and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Twenty-Three Countries in the Asian Region, 1971-1986"

Jyh-Horng Lin
"The Determination of the Optimal Number of Firms in an Industry within the Contestable Market Paradigm"

Kamima Mwanza
"Determinants of Crop Acreage and Sales in Zambia: Econometric Estimates and Policy"

Eung Jin Kim
"The Selection of a Framework for Intermediate Monetary Policy Targets in a Changing Financial Environment"

Tomas de los Santos
"The Distributive Impact of Inflation through Price, Income and Employment Effects: A Case Study of Mexico"

Elisabetta Addis
"The Channels of Italian Monetary Policy 1970-1987: A VAR Analysis"


Bruce Wundt
"Industrial Diversification and Manufacturing Employment Stability: A Study of the State of Connecticut"

El-Sayed Serry
"A Macroeconomic Model for the Egyptian Economy Specification, Estimation and Simulation under Alternative Principles of Economic Regulations"

Lorna Gross
"Modeling the Role of Natural Resources in the Economy: An Extended Materials-Balance Approach"


Oscar Gonzalez
"A Policy Planning Model for Guatemala"

Juan-Ramon Duran
"The External Factor of Retirement: An Empirical Study"

Anthony Laramie
"A Critique of Kaleckian Macroeconomics"

Mehdi Mohaghegh
"The Structural and Institutional Causes of Rural-to-Urban Migration in Developing Countries: A Dynamic Analysis"


Constantine Ziogas
"The Competitive Performance of the U.S. Manufacturing Sector, 1967-1980"

Athanassios Zambaras
"Externalities in Oligopolistic Markets"

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick
"The Effect of Deregulation on Monetary Control: A Time Series Analysis"

Peter Liritzis
"Shadow Prices for Project Evaluation; A World Bank Approach for Greece"


Eleni Thanou
"Symmetry in Production Functions: Implications for Theory and Empirical Analysis"

Sam Mirmirani
"The Impact of Certificate-of-Need and Section 1122 of Social Security Act on Investment of Hospital Industry-Long Run"

Gerasimos Soldatos
"Incomes vs. Consumption Base Taxes: A Multiperiod Analysis of Equity"