M.A. Degrees Received in 2010

  • Zachary J. Bellino, "Articles of Faith: Salman Rushdie's Realism"
  • Dianne E. Berg, "'Familiar in their Mouths as Household Words': Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, and the Early Modernization of History"
  • Ben Charlesworth, "Artefacts of Walter Benjamin in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian"
  • Keen Owen Hahn, "speculative Fiction and the (super) constructs of Oppression: Towards a Deconstructionist Aesthetics"
  • Matthew Henningsen, "Moins 'Parfaite' et Plus Libre: Human and Machine Identities in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World"
  • Jin Lee, "Simulation of Simulation: Romantic Consumption in the Consumer Culture of the Great Gatsby"
  • Karen Miele, "'Between Freedom and Fetters': A Discussion of Race and Gender in passing Literature of the Harlem Renaissance"
  • Shannon Minifie, "'Yes, there is a long period of reconstruction ahead': The 12 Step Program and Recovery from the Postmodern in David Foster Wallace's 'Infinite Jest'"
  • Peter Murray, "The Stone that [Illuminates] the Living Stream: How Non-Linear Narratives Reflect the Fluidity of the English Language"
  • Toufiq Sarwarzada, "Dubious Benevolence: Politics of Representation in the Muslim Narratives after 9/11"
  • Thorsten Schwaben, "Echoing the Holocaust through 'Maus': Literary Themes and the Narrator"
  • Marilyn Squier, "'We do not Like the Hackneyed Expression of Angel': Representations of Southern Motherhood in Uncle Tom's Cabin and Anti-'Tom' Fiction"
  • Tanya Uluwitiya, "Cyber Nationalism, Diaspora Identity and Imaginary Worlds: A Study of Sri Lankan Diaspora and Sri Lankan Government Websites"

M.A. Degrees Received in 2009

  • Dania Dwyer, ""Re-membering History: The Aesthetics of Ruins in Post-Colonial West Indian Literature"
  • Joshua Francis Flaccavento,"It Seems to Me I Am Trying To Tell Yous a Dream" Hyperfiction, Modernist Aesthetics and the Death of the Author
  • Joseph Flis, "The Reader's Necessary Assumption in Herman Melville's The Confidence Man"
  • Samantha Keefe, "There is No Text in This Courtroom: Reader Response as a Foundation for Judicial Response to Intellectual Property Law in the context of the Internet"
  • Christoph Lanzen, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: Piri Thomas's American Dream--Preparing the Streets for Revolution"
  • Isabel Pakowski, "American Psychosis: The Social Criticism of Bret Easton Ellis"
  • Arezu Rahimi, "The Impact of 'In-Betweenness' on Second-Generation Iranian American Identity Formations: An analysis of Azadeh Moavenit's Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America and American in Iran"
  • Michelle Elise Simon, "Sprinkled with Paris Dust" Chester Himes, James Baldwin, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald: The 'Other' Americans in Paris

M.A. Degrees Received in 2008

  • Amy Beth Barcelo, "Transgressing the Cult: Strategies of Balance & Negotiation in the Works of Fanny Fern & Kate Chopin"
  • Steven Bruso, "Discord in Chivalry's Ideological Discourse"
  • Gina Desmarais, "Service is Perfect Freedom: Choosing to Serve in Shakespeare and Milton"
  • Meghan E. Gayton, "Janeites & Jane Austen's Canonicity: An Examination of Austen's Hybridized Texts & Readerships"
  • Jenny Provo, "Navigating Irish American Cultural Identity in the major Works of James T. Farrell"
  • Nicole Myoshi Rabin, "The Mixed Race Body Matters: Examining Mixed Race Subjects in Ethnic Autobiography & Fiction"
  • Yassine Talhaoui, "What or Who Am I? Identifying Formation of Immigrants and Their Children in Germany and the United States of America"
  • Bei Zhang, "My Dear--Don't Look So Ugly!" Physiognomy and Gender Transgression in The Mill on the Floss and The Woman in White

M.A. Degrees Received in 2007

  • Genie Nicole Giaimo, "From a Body Acted Upon to a Body Acting: The Significance of Ethnicity, Race, and Gender in Contemporary Detective Fiction"
  • Ubaraj Katawal, "Exile and its Representation in Contemporary U.S. Narratives: Mukerjee's Jasmine and Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49"
  • Katja Kurz, "Performing a Liminal Space: Multiple Identities in Three Late-Twentieth-Century Autobiographical Works"
  • Sarah Lennox, "My Dear--Don't Look so Ugly!": Physiognomy and Gender Transgression in The Mill on the Floss and The Woman in White
  • Jane Lindelof, "Undoing Uncertainty: Expressions of Anxiety in Puritan Writing"
  • Emily McGinn, "Toward a Literary Universe: The convergence of Non-Linear Science and Narrative Theory in Jog Luis Gorges's El Aleph, funes el memorioso and El jardin de senderos que se bifurcan"
  • Elisabeth J. Noyes, "Frost's Poetic Dialectic"
  • Sarah Rauf, "The American Trip: Reporting the 'Unreality' in the 1960s and 1970s"
  • Amber Blossom Vayo, "Magical World, Modern Problems: Identity Conflicts in Harry Potter"
  • Kathleen L. Webber, "Examining Consciousness in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying"