Undergraduate Honors Theses and Awards


  • Lauren Cyr, "Gender in Conflict: A History of Iraqi Women from Ba'athism to Occupation" (adv. Fern Johnson and Doug Little)
  • Shalyn Hopley*, "'In My Ear': Gender and Claims to Knowledge in The Great Gatsby and Jazz" (adv. Betsy Huang and Lucilia Valerio)
  • Claire McDonald*, "'Units of a Greater Beast': The Presence of John Steinbeck's Phalanx Theory in his Political Fiction and Non-Fiction" (adv. Jay Elliott and Betsy Huang)
  • Michael Steigman**, "The Construct and the Crux" (adv. Jay Elliott and Jen Plante)
  • Charlotte Turner**, "Both, Neither" (adv. Jay Elliott and Esther Jones)

*Co-winner of the Virginia Mason Vaughan Prize for Most Outstanding Honors Thesis in Critical Analysis

**Co-winner of the Virginia Mason Vaughan Prize for Most Outstanding Honors Thesis in Creative Writing


  • Ben Canner, "There Were Never Heroes: Autonomy, Identity, and the Modern Age in the Superhero Genre" (adv. James Elliott)
  • Kulani Dias, "'My People Over Yours': The Panoptic Politicization of the Body in Post-War Sri Lanka" (adv. Lisa Kasmer)
  • Cara Gross, "Restoration, Reform and Rebirth: Imagination as a Healing Response to Environmental Crisis and Uncertainty" (adv. Virginia Vaughan)
  • Josh Joyce, "The Rhetoric of Power" (adv. Betsy Huang)
  • Stephanie Orman, "Cursed, Damned, and Living Happily Ever After?: Intertextuality and the Female Monster in Contemporary Urban Fantasy" (adv. James Elliott)


  • Lisa Johnson, "A Return to Linguistics: Morrison's Interpretation of the Song of Songs in Conversation with Song of Solomon" (adv. SunHee Kim Gertz)
  • Naomi Kurtz, "Deciphering the Unknown: Tracing Greek Myth Through Western Literature" (adv. Louis Bastien)
  • Elizabeth Mirabelli, "Shelter Seekers: A Creative Writing Honors Thesis with Process Essay" (adv. James Elliott)
  • Zachary Meager, "Reimaging Visual and Textual Narrative Techniques: Comparative Voices in Paul Auster's City of Glass" (adv. Stephen Levin)
  • Anna Meserve, "Tracing Magical Realism and The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n" (adv. Louis Bastien)
  • Tegan Young, "'Reader, forgive me for telling the plain truth': Narrative Theory in Jane Eyre and Villette" (adv. Lisa Kasmer)


  • Leah Carvalho, "Exploring the Language of Urban Naturalism in Joyce Carol Oates's Them and Stephen Crane's Maggie: A Girl of Secrets" (adv. Louis Bastien)
  • Nathan Egan, "To Ourselves and Our Posterity: Fathers, Sons, and the American Dream in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! and the Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian" (adv. James Elliott)
  • Jeremy Foster, "Patrons and the Pulitzer in American Indian Language" (adv. Meredith Neuman)
  • Rachael Furman, "Em(body)ing Agency: The Trope of Touch in Modern Ethnic Women's Fiction" (adv. James Elliott)
  • Lee Gains, "Disconnections: A Chapbook of Poetry" (adv. James Elliott)
  • Natasha Ochshorn, "The Super and the Secret: How Superhero Comics Define Heroism in the Tension Between Identities" (adv. SunHee Kim Gertz)
  • Camilla Smith, "Other Mother" (adv. Esther Jones)