Health Profession Preparation for English Majors

In an effort to enhance students' opportunities for entrance into medical, dental, and veterinary schools, the Premedical and Predental Advisory Committee has made a special arrangement with the English department. Guidelines have been designed for those students interested in medicine and other health professions to major in English while meeting the specific requirements of medical schools. Interested students should contact Professor Gertz.

In addition to the English major requirements, excluding the Area of Specialization, the Pre-Health minor with an English major must take:

  • Chemistry 101 and 102 (Introductory Chemistry I and II)
  • Biology 101 and 102 (Introduction to Biology I and II)
  • Physics 110 and 111 (Introductory Physics I and II)
  • Chemistry 131 and 132 (Organic Chemistry I and II)
  • One Psychology course

All of the natural sciences courses, except Physics 110, have labs, thereby satisfying the lab requirements of most health professional schools. Additionally, about half of the nation's medical schools require Calculus I and II (Math 120 and 121), and most recommend it.