Recent Undergraduate Research Projects in Environmental Science

2014 Fall Fest presentations

Mitigating the Human-Leopard Conflict in Sri Lanka. Sanjiv Fernando ’15, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Professor Jude Fernando)

The Polar Vortex and the Economic Impact of the Winter of 2013-2014. Ethan Forauer ’15, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Professor Christopher Williams)

Clark University Energy: A Student’s Eye View of Campus Efficiency. Eli Goldman ’16, LEEP Fellow (sponsor: Jenny Isler)

Using hyperspectral imaging to study the effects of wind turbines on crops in Iowa, USA. Nathaniel Lapides ’15 (sponsor: Professor Andrey Petrov, University of Northern Iowa)

2014 Academic Spree Day presentations

Morphological characterization of threespine stickleback in Newfoundland, Canada. Jason Morieira ’14 (Sponsor: Professor Susan Foster) – LEEP Project

The ecology of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) in the East Branch of the Swift River. Hannah Reich ’15 (Sponsor: Professor John Baker) – LEEP Project

Seasonal differences in coral bleaching on South Caicos coral reefs. Hannah Reich ’15 (Sponsor: Professor John Baker)

Macro-invertebrate community structure in streams affected by conventional and organic cranberry cultivation. Nicholas Pagan ’15 (Sponsor: Professor John Baker)

Macroinvertebrate distribution if different land cover types in the East Branch of the Swift River, Petersham, MA. Maria Gabriela Jijon Nemalceff '14, (Sponsor: Professor John Baker) - LEEP Project

Fall Fest 2013 presentations

Thermokarst Lake Carbon Storage and Transport near Cherskiy, Northeast Siberia. Sam Berman '14, LEEP Pioneer & Steinbrecher Fellow (sponsor: Professor Karen Frey)

Ecology and Conservation of Pacific Salmon in the Cedar River Watershed, Seattle, WA. Gina Jenkins '14, NOAA Fellow-supported jointly by the Mosakowski Institute and the Marsh Institute (sponsor: Professor Karen Frey)

Building Value in the Clark University’s Hadwen Arboretum. Samuel Mix '14, LEEP Pioneer (sponsor: Jenny Isler; for Physical Plants & Grounds)