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Other Languages

Instruction in the languages listed below is also available through our department. You also have the option of studying other languages at colleges in the Worcester area through the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts.


The German program is in the process of being redefined. Currently, we offer courses in beginning and intermediate German (101-104). While at the present time it is not possible to major in German, students may pursue a self-designed minor in German Studies through our study-abroad program at the University of Trier, by taking advanced language courses at other colleges in the Worcester Consortium for Higher Education, and by taking related courses in German Studies in Clark's departments of Philosophy, History and through Clark's Strassler Family Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.


Every semester three Hebrew courses are taught at three different levels. Modern conversational Hebrew is taught in all levels along with reading and writing skills. In each course Israeli literature is examined through short stories, newspaper articles, poems and songs. Jewish and Israeli culture is the main focus for teaching, therefore you can read, listen, and taste this emphasis every semester in each of the classes taught.

Every semester classes video conference with students in Haifa University in Israel. Video conferencing enables students in both countries to share lectures and their opinions on the same different topics. Advanced students interviewed Holocaust survivors and their translations from the English to Hebrew were included in the publication Legacies for Life—Voices from Three Communities: Boston, Haifa, Dnepropetrovsk: Student Interviews with Holocaust Survivors, Atlas Press, Inc. 2005.

Students studying Hebrew might also be interested in the Jewish Studies concentration.


Currently, we offer, every year, Beginning Japanese (101 in the fall, 102 in the spring) and Intermediate Japanese (103 in the fall and 104 in the spring). Students who wish to continue Japanese language study are urged to participate in Clark's Study Abroad Program in Japan, at Kansai Gaidai. In addition, Japanese 296, Advanced Topics, is available to students as a directed reading course.

Four courses in Japanese literature and culture give students a chance to explore literature in a cultural context.

They are:
Japanese 110 "Japanese Popular Culture: Narratives of National Identity," Japanese 190 "Japanese Women Writers," Japanese 275 "The Japanese Warrior Tradition," and Japanese 280 "Memory and National Identity in Post-war Japanse Fiction and Film." These courses all count towards the Asian Studies major, the Comparative Literature Major, and are part of the Women's and Gender studies concentration. For these courses, all the readings are in English (though students may elect to do some/all of the readings in Japanese) and no knowledge of Japanese language or history is expected or assumed.

Other Languages

Courses are also offered in Latin, Greek and Chinese.