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Doctoral Students

2018 Doctoral Cohort in Geography
The GSG is happy to introduce our 2018 Doctoral Cohort! Our first years are:
(L-R): Nathaniel Strosberg, Amy Dundon, Clare Gaffey, Jessica Craigg, Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff, Mwangi Chege


All Current Doctoral Students

Arakwiye, Bernadette 
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.S. Environmental Science, Antioch University
B.S. Biology National University of Huye, Rwanda
Research Interests: Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to ecology and conservation biology in tropical landscapes.
Advisor(s): J. Ronald Eastman and John Rogan

Arond, Elisa
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.Sc. Science & Technology for Sustainability, University of Sussex, UK
B.Sc. Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst/Commonwealth College
Research Interests: Science, technology and innovation policy; grassroots innovation and rural livelihoods; the role of scientific evidence and evaluation of risk in social-environmental conflict and policy decisions; Latin America, especially Colombia.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Athay, J. Michael
M.Sc. Environmental Policy and Regulation, The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
B.A. French Studies, Brigham Young University
Research Interests: human-environment and nature-society relationships; economic and development geographies; sustainability; political and industrial ecologies; global-south perspectives; critical theories; environmental philosophies, ethics, and justice
Advisor: Karen Frey

Bollman, Melissa
M.A. Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware
B. A. Philosophy and Environmental Policy/Science, McDaniel College, Maryland
Research Interests: Nature-Society relationships, political ecology, energy and environmental policy, renewable energy
Advisor: Karen Frey

Cai, Yifan
M.Sc. Geography, Peking University
B.S. Geography, Peking University
Research Interests: Industrial geography, political-industrial ecology, political economy, work and labour, technology and innovation, cyberspace, China.
Advisor: Yuko Aoyama

Cecil, Michael
M.S. Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment (GISDE), Clark University
M.S. Mathematics, University of Washington
B.A. Mathematics and International Relations, Brown University
Research Interests: Applications of GIS and land change mdeling to climate change science and climate change policy, risk analysis and vulnerability analysis, participatory GIS
Advisor: Lyndon Estes

Chamberlain, Jacob
M.A. Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy, Goldsmiths College, University of London
B.A. Philosophy, University of Southern Maine
Research Interests: Migration and border studies, political theory, critical theory, continental philosophy, post/decolonial studies, urban-economic geography
Advisor: Mark Davidson

Chege, Mwangi
M.A., International Relations and Economics, Johns Hopkins University
B.A., Geography, University of South Africa, Pretoria
Research Interests: urban geography; urban ecology; environmental sustainability; health and well-being; African cities
Advisor: Karen Frey

Collier, William M
M.E.Sc. Social Ecology, Yale University
B.S. Ecology, University of Georgia
Research Interests: Agroforestry, development theory, environmental history, forest ecology, global production networks, governance, land-use change, political ecology, post-colonial theory.
Advisor: Dianne Rocheleau

Craigg, Jessica
B.A. Geography, Georgia College & State University
B.S. Environmental Science, Georgia College & State University
Research Interests: natural hazards, environmental change, vulnerability and adaptation, socioeconomic development, global South (especially East Africa
Advisor: Karen Frey

Davis, Janae
M.A. Geography, University of South Carolina
B.A. Sociology (Anthropology Concentration), North Carolina State University
Research Interests: Identity, justice, and inclusion in biodiversity conservation, United States and Southern Africa, black and indigenous studies, race theory, feminist studies, environmental justice, political ecology, environmental history, development geographies, application of academic knowledge toward social change.

Dobler Morales, Carlos
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.Sc. Geography, National Autonomous University of Mexico
B.Sc. Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Research Interests:
GIS and Remote Sensing applied to environmental modeling.
Advisor: Rinku Roy Chowdhury

Dundon, Amy
M.A. Urban Affairs, University of San Francisco
B.S. Philosophy, Northeastern University
Research Interests: urban geography; race and racism; work and labor; social movements; access, belonging, and citizenship; higher education
Advisor: Karen Frey

Esfahani, Azadeh H.
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.A. Urban Studies, Simon Fraser University, Canada
M.B.A. Sharif University, Iran
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University, Iran
Research Interests: Place-making and identity building, Social learning and social change processes, Sustainable community and neighborhood development, Community-based urban planning and development, Citizen empowerment and capacity-building.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Farahani, Alireza F.
M.A. Georgraphy, Clark University
M.A. Urban Studies, Simon Fraser University, Canada
M.B.A. Sharif University, Iran
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University, Iran
Research Interests: Socio-economic development, Development policy and practice, Developing countries, Middle-east, Economic geography, Learning regions Community development, Social Learning, Pragmatism Philosophy, Realist social theory, Phronetic research, Qualitative methods, action research.
Advisor: Yuko Aoyama

Fash, Benjamin
B.A. Studio Art, Wesleyan University
Research Interests: Environmental governance, social movements, decolonial thought, social theory, socio-ecological transitions, (post-)development, (post-)extractivism, water, Participatory Action Research, socially engaged art, Honduras.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Gaffey, Clare
M.A. Geography, University at Albany
B.S. Environmental Science, University at Albany
Research Interests: remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles, arctic systems, cryosphere, climate, phenology
Advisor: Karen Frey

Geron, Nicholas
M.S. Ed Education, Leham College CUNY, NY
B.A. Environmental Policy and Analysis and French Literature, Boston University
Research Interests: Use of GIS and Remote Sensing for monitoring land use change and natural resources due to climate change, Urban Ecology and Citizen Science, engaging local communities in Environmental Justice issues
Advisor: John Rogan

Guz, Jackie
B. A. Environmental Studies, Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Forest dynamics, GIS, remote sensing biogeography
Advisor: Dominik Kulakowski

Harris, Dylan
M.Sc. Environment and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
B.A. Political Science and Religion, University of Southern Mississippi
Research Interests: cultural/political ecology; climate change narratives; alternative ecological knowledge in high mountain communities; re-imagining climate change policy; GIS and storytelling.
Advisor: James McCarthy

Healy, Marc
B.A. Geography, University of Utah
Research Interests
: Urban Forestry Dynamics and Legacies, Urban Heat Island, Applied GIS and Remote Sensing, Sustainable Management Policies
Advisor: John Rogan

Hudlet Vazquez, Karen
M.S. International Development Studies, Utrecht University, Netherlands
B.S. International Relations, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, Mexico
Research Interests: Business and human rights, development theory, environmental governance,land use change, access to lands, participatory action research, social-environmental conflicts, social movements, Latin America, especially Mexico and Central America
Advisor: Karen Frey

Hydrick, Guy
M.Sc. Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Central European University/University of Manchester/Lund University
B.A. Geography and International Studies, Millersville University
Research Interests: Urban Forestry; Water quality/hydrology; Spatial optimization; Political ecology; Enviromental Justice; Sustainability; Human dimensions of GIS; Mixed Methods
Advisor(s): Deborah Martin and John Rogan

Jampel, Catherine
M.S. Geography and Women's Studies, Pennsylvania State University
B.A. History and Literature, Harvard University
Research Interests: Disability, inclusion, labor and livelihoods, political economy, development, feminist theory, the Americas (especially Ecuador, U.S.).
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Jiang, Wenjing
M.A. Geography, Clark University
BEng Urban Planning, Peking University, China
M.A. Urban Planning, University of Illinois
Research Interests: political economy of nature; theory of social change; with special emphasis on property relations, agrarian transformation, urban and regional development, post-socialist/post-communist transitions, and post-disaster recovery planning.
Advisor: James McCarthy

Jiao, Tong
M.A. Geography, Clark University
B.S. Geography, Beijing Forest University, China
M.S. Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Interests: terrestrial ecosystems energy, carbon and water cycles, leaf canopy and carbon absorption over forest areas.
Advisor: Christopher Williams

Khallaghi, Sam
M.S. Geomatics Lund University, Sweden
M.S. GIS & RS with focus on land and water resources Tabriz University, Iran
B.S. Forestry Agriculture and Natural Resource University of Gorgan, Iran
Research interests: Spatial databases, Web Mapping, Spatial Ontology, Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing
Advisor: J. Ronald Eastman

Krithivasan, Roopa
M.E.Sc. Environmental Science, Yale University
B.A. Biology, University of Chicago
Research Interests: Land use change, applications of GIS and remote sensing, natural resource management and conflicts, human-wildlife interactions, environmental governance
Advisor: John Rogan

Kruger, Richard
M.A. Geography, Rutgers University
B.A. Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University
Research Interests: Urban political ecology of infrastructure; innovations in urban infrastructures through frameworks of sustainability, resilience, and adaptation and the impacts for urban space and place-making; the politics of urban infrastructures; digital technologies and urban space; comparative urbanism; social theory and new / speculative materialisms.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Lam, Son Ca
M.A. Applied Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Boston
B.A. Comparative Ethnic Studies and Environment, Earth, & Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
Research Interests: Displacement, Forced Migration, Place-making, Language, Ethnic Studies, Community Building and Development, Grassroots Movement.
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Lerman-Sinkoff, Sarah
B.A., Earth & Environmental Science, Wesleyan University
Research Interests
: the social, economic, and ecological legacy of industrial contamination in urban waterways
Advisor: Karen Frey

Lukens, David
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.S. International Studies, Central Connecticut State University
B.A. History, Illinois State University
Research Interests: Gentrification and displacement, informal settlement formation and political organization, East Asian cities, urban agriculture, urban development in the global south
Advisor: Mark Davidson

Machado, Mario
M.S. Geography, Penn State University
B.S. Biological Anthropology, Penn State University
Research Interests: Political ecology, small-scale agriculture, social justice, and development.
Advisor: Edward Carr

Moulton, Alex
M.S. Geography, East Carolina University
B.Sc. Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Research Interests: tropical agriculture, rural livelihoods, sustainable development, fisheries management, climate change, social justice, water resources
Advisor: James McCarthy

Mutegeki, Patrick Bright
M.Phil. Development Studies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
B.A. Tourism, Makerere University, Uganda
Fulbright PhD Fellow, USA
Research Interests: Livelihood Studies: With specific interest on effects of livelihood strategies on household poverty; Place-based household livelihood analysis in the Global South.
Advisors: Dianne Rocheleau

Odell, Scott
M.A. Geography, Clark University
B.S.F.S. Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA), Georgetown University
Research Interests: Rural livelihoods, development geography, indigenous social movements, Latin America, Andean region, climate change.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Riely, Andrew
B.A. in Geography from Macalester College
M.A. in Geography from University of Texas at Austin
Research interests: Urban geography, gentrification, development of sense of place and identity.
Advisor: Deborah Martin and Mark Davidson

Rosko, Helen
M.S. Geography, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
B.A. Political Science, College of Charleston
Research Interests: development geographies, rural livelihoods, climate adaptation and climate information services, West Africa
Advisor: Edward Carr

Salo, Inge 
M.A. Geography, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa
B.A. Anthropology, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa
Research Interests: South African urbanism, place-making, urban displacement, urban resistance.
Advisor: Asha Best

SanGiovanni, Sarah
M.U.P. Urban Planning, The State University of New York at Buffalo
B.A. English, The State University of New York at Binghamton
B.A. Environmental Studies, The State University of New York at Binghamton
Research Interests: Nature-society relationships, political ecology, urban geography
Advisor: Deborah Martin and James McCarthy

Santacruz Delgado, Ali
M. A. Geography, Clark University
M.Sc. Geomatics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogata
B.Sc. Forest Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin
Research Interests: Geographic information science, spatial statistics, applications of remote sensing, natural resources management.
Advisor: John Rogan

Santiago, Melishia
M.A. Geography, Clark University
B.S. Biology and M.S. Geography, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Research Interests: Impacts of sea ice cover and the biogeochemistry in the Pacific Arctic Region using field data and remote sensing.
Advisor: Karen Frey

Santos, Dan
B.A. (Honours), Geography and English Literature, University of Melbourne, Australia
B.Sc. Environmental Science and Genetics, University of Melbourne, Australia
Research interests: science and technology studies; biotechnologies and genetics; nature-society relations; innovation; science and democracy; materiality
Advisor: James Murphy

Sauls, Laura
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M. Phil. Development Studies, University of Oxford, UK
B.A. International Relations/Environment Science & Policy, The College of William & Mary
Research Interests: development theory, political ecology, natural resources management, international environmental governance, Central America.
Advisor: Anthony Bebbington

Shake, Kristen L.
M.S. Chemical Oceanography, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
B.S. Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Research Interests: Arctic marine policy, polar climate change, law & geography, resource extraction in the Arctic, U.S. & Canadian Arctic policy relations, science communication, science/policy interface.
Advisor(s): Karen Frey and Deborah Martin

Shrestha, Surendra
M.S. Forestry, University of Georgia
B.A. Forestry, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Research Interests: Land use change modeling, Hydrologic process modeling, Ecohydrologic impacts of land use change, Land-Atmosphere interaction.
Advisor: Christopher Williams

Song, Lei
M.S. 3S, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing, China
B.S. GIS, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing, China
Research Interests: Remote Sensing and GIS, Land-cover/land-use change, Human-Environment interactions, Ecological mdeling, Machine learning.
Advisor: Lyndon Estes

Strosberg, Nathaniel
B.S. Political Science, Union College
M.R.P. (Regional Planning), State University of New York at Albany
M.L.A. (Landscape Architecture), Rhode Island School of Design
Research Interests: spatial theory, urban geography, municipal governance, landscape design.
Advisor: Karen Frey

Turker, Kaner
M.A. Geography, Clark University
B.A. and M.A. Dept. of Economics, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests: Economic geography and development, emphasis on income distribution, poverty, well-being and economically excluded groups and regional disparities.
Advisor: James Murphy

van den Bold, Mara
MSc. Anthropology and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK
B.A. Anthropology and Latin American Studies, Union College, USA
Research interests: political ecology, development theory, natural resource conflicts, indigenous social movements, agrarian change, food sovereignty and nutrition, Latin America, West Africa.
Advisor: James McCarthy

Wenderlich, Michelle
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.A. Public Policy, Hertie School of Governance, Germany
B.A. Music, SUNY Stony Brook
Research Interests: State theory and political philosophy, political ecology, political economy, commons, energy, climate justice, alternatives to privatization, participatory democracy.
Advisor: Mark Davidson

Wheeler, Brittany Lauren
M.A. Forced Migration Studies, University of the Witwatersrand
M.A. International Museum Studies, University of Gothenburg
B.A. English, University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: legal geography, moral geography, environmental migration, spatial justice, reparation/restitution, historical justice & anticipatory futures, geographies of care, death and dying, museum geographies
Advisor: Deborah Martin

Wyrtzen, Leslie
B.A., M.A., University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Political ecology, green governmentality, transnational migration, Middle East/North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
Advisor(s): Deborah Martin and Jody Emel

Ye, Su
M.S. Environmental Studies, Queen’s University, Canada
B.A. Forestry Science, Beijing Forestry University, China
Research Interests: Remote sensing, Land-cover change detection, Image processing, Machine Learning
Advisor(s): John Rogan and J. Ronald Eastman

York, Ashley
M.A. Geography, Clark University
M.S. Applied Geospatial Sciences, Northern Arizona University
B.S. Geography and Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno
Research Interests: Glaciology, the cryosphere, climate change, remote sensing, photogrammetry, radar.
Advisor: Karen Frey

Young, Luisa
M.Sc. Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment (GISDE), Clark University
B.Sc. Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM), University of Hawaii at Manoa
Research Interests: Remote Sensing and GIS, Ecological Modeling, Global Environmental Change, Water Resources, Pacific Islands, Ethnobotany
Advisor: Karen Frey and John Rogan

Zhou, Yu
M.S. Cartography & GIS, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
B.E. Remote Sensing Science & Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Research Interests:
ecological modeling; global change; ecosystem carbon and water cycling; human-environment interactions.
Advisor: Christopher Williams