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Apply to the Doctoral Program

Deadline for Application Submission

The deadline for all applicants to the Doctoral Program in Geography is DECEMBER 31 (annually). We require that all materials, including letters of recommendation, be submitted in time to arrive on or before that date. Students who intend to apply will need to allow enough time to obtain the relevant test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.


Apply to the Doctoral Program in Geography

Arrange a Visit

Please complete the Student Visitor form [PDF], and email it with your C.V. or resume to Rachel Levitt, Program Administrator (

The Application Review Process

All applicants receive careful consideration from a faculty-student admissions committee, which reviews applications and meets early in the spring semester to evaluate the candidates. The entire faculty reviews the committee’s recommendations and makes the final decision about which candidates are offered admission. Decisions are based on the quality of the applicants, the fit of their interests with departmental specialization and expertise, and on the distribution of students by specialty areas. The number of students we admit is determined by the availability of funds to support them. In recent years incoming classes have averaged between 10 and 12 students selected from a very large applicant pool.

For More Information

Please contact:

Graduate Admissions Office
Phone: 508-793-7373