Stained glass from the Geography building at Clark

Tuition, Fellowship and Stipend Awards

Our policy is to provide tuition remission and a stipend for one academic year to every student we accept into the program who does not hold an outside fellowship or stipend award. This award is renewable for two additional years as long as the student remains in good academic standing. Further, we attempt to fund Ph.D. students in good standing for a fourth year of funding (stipend and tuition remission) if it is needed. The awards of tuition remission and stipend are not based on financial need; as it has been our policy to fund graduate students in the Ph.D. program equally because we have found it contributes to a sense of community among our graduate students. The stipend for the academic year (September through May) involves a teaching or research assistantship of 17.5 hours per week. (Stipends awarded to students are taxable.) For research opportunities at Clark see the list of recent research grants awarded to faculty. Read more

The Mary E. and Irene L. Piper Fellowship in urban geography is also available. It carries the same award as noted above and involves research activity in conjunction with a faculty member in urban geography. For advanced graduate students, funds are available from a graduate student endowment to partially support the costs of startup research.

There is also a fellowship sponsored by the journal Economic Geography. Similar to the Piper Fellowship, this award supports an assistantship for a PhD student to conduct economic geography research in close collaboration with a faculty member in the urban-economic cluster. For more information, please contact Dr. Jim Murphy.