Stained glass from the Geography building at Clark

Undergraduate Honors Theses


Fuchino, Yuka
"Characterizing the Social-Environmental risks to the Urban Forest in Worcester, MA"

Goldman, Eli
"Characterizing the Role of the Built Environment in Determining Juvenile-Tree Survivorship in Worcester, Massachusetts"

Johnson, Kim
"Children's Perceptions of the environment in Worcester, MA: An evaluation of environmental education in an urban environment"

Landesman, Katherine
"Characterizing Mangrove Distribution and Change in Antsohihy, Madagascar"

Rosenblum, Hannah
"Determining Detectability of Juvenile Trees with Airborne LiDAR"

Scott, Warren
"Sea ice trends in the Cape Bathurst and Saint Lawrence Island Polynyas, 1980-2014"

Shah, Sanika
"Lifting the Curtain on Myanmar's Foreign Investments: Analyzing the Determinants, Strengths and Constraints of Foreign Investments in Myanmar"

Truong, Chung
"Identifying Optimal Tree Planting Locations in Worcester, MA Using Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis"