Stained glass from the Geography building at Clark

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Congratulations to all of our undergraduate Honors students who have completed the theses listed below! All of these theses are on display at the end of the geography faculty hallway on the second floor of the Jefferson Academic Center.

The following list represents undergraduate theses that have been completed in the past few years. For inqueries regarding an earlier title, contact the Program Administrator, Rachel Levitt:


Anderson, Tyler
"Effect of MA Forest to Urban Conversion" | Advisor: John Rogan

Bhanti, Meyru
"Does the Distribution of juvenile tree planting impact local air temperature? A calibrated microclimate simulation in Holyoke Massachusetts" | Advisor: John Rogan

Bram, Nathan
"Redevelopment in Haifa: mitigating interests in a "mixed" city" | Advisor: Deb Martin

Corney, Hannah
"The Impact of Juvenile and Mature Trees on Air Temperature Fluxes: Employing ENVI-met in the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts" | Advisor: John Rogan

Jackson, Ian
"Contentious Property, Contentious Citizenship: The Construction of a Houseless Village in Portland, Oregon" | Advisor: Mark Davidson

Jreije, Anthony
"Analyzing the Westborough and Grafton Commuter Rail Stations through the Lens of Transit Oriented Development" | Advisor: Deb Martin (GEOG) & Wayne Gray (ECON)

Robbins, Carly
"Finding Harmful Algae Using High Resolution Satellites" | Advisor: Florencia Sangermano

Trevor, Gabe
"Identifying Socioeconomic and Demographic Voting Patterns in the 2016 Presidential Election in Minnesota and Wisconsin Using GIS and Spatial Analysis" | Advisor: Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger

Weule Chandler, Miles-Philbert
"Developing a Tree Planting Priority Index to support urban greening for the Greening the Gateway Cities Program in Fitchburg, Massachusetts" | Advisor: John Rogan


Bayler, Claire
"Reconciliation: Changing Pressures on Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Cuba" | Advisor: Dianne Rocheleau

Epstein, Gabe
"Creating Social and Environmental Uplift: Examining the Feasibility and Effects of Rooftop Solar Panels for Environmental Justice Communities in Worcester, MA" | Advisor: Mark Davidson

Esmaeili, Shirin
"Analysis on Zoning Regulations and Land Use Change in Worcester, Massachusetts with a focus on "Live, Work, Play" model and Investment in Residential Development, 2009-2016" | Advisor: Deb Martin

Filipovic, Ali
"Modeling the hydrological ecosystem services of juvenile trees in northern Worcester, MA using iTree Hydro" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Fitzgerald, Saraneh
"A Time Series of Sea Ice Melt Pond Distribution Across the Arctic" | Advisor: Karen Frey

Freud, Emma
"Conceptualizing Social-Ecological Solutions to Environmental Injustice: A Case Study of Worcester's Urban Forest" | Advisor: Deb Martin

Heikes, Will
"Media Underreporting and Disasters: A GIS analysis of traditional and social media response to the 2016 Louisiana Flooding disaster" | Advisor: Yuko Aoyama

Jacobsen, Madilyn
"The Impact of Public Transportation on Youth in Worcester, MA" | Advisor: Deb Martin

Khan, Saira
"Characterizing the Spatial Expansion of the San Andres Mine between 1991 and 2016 in Copan, Honduras" | Advisor: John Rogan

Layugan, Anela
"The Detection of Change Points in Arctic Sea Ice Cover across Different Spatial Scales, Locations, and Seasons" | Advisor: Karen Frey

Miranda, Isabel
"Characterizing tree cover change in response to urban greening intitiatives using an in situ tree inventory, WorldView-2 and LiDAR data in Worcester, Massachusetts" (completed Dec 2016) | Advisor: John Rogan

Molloy, Mary
"A Comparitive Study on Wildlife Corridor-Mapping Programs" | Advisor: Ron Eastman

O'Brien, David
"GIS Validation for projects to Reduce Emissions due to Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)" | Advisor: Gil Pontius

Reyes Saade, Daniela
"A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Dengue and Chikungunya Viruses in El Salvador" | Advisor: Florencia Sangermano

Sanford, Savannah
"Mapping Juvenile Tree Vulnerability to Environmental Phenomena with Climate Change in Worcester, Massachusetts" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Simonson, Eli
"Using a Planting Priority Index to select optimal locations for tree planting in Worcester, Massachusetts" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Singh, Rishi
"Modeling Ecosystem Services of Juvenile Trees in Worcester, MA ALB Regulated Area using i-Tree Eco" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Smith, Tom
"Time Series Analysis of Global and Biome Specific Trends in Vegetation Productivity using AVHRR NDVI-3g data from 1982-2015" | Advisor: Ron Eastman

Smuthkochorn, Charis
"From Green Revolution to Organic Revolution: The Development of Inequality in Thailand and Resistance in Surin Province" | Advisor: Yuko Aoyama


Fuchino, Yuka
"Characterizing the Social-Environmental risks to the Urban Forest in Worcester, MA" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Goldman, Eli
"Characterizing the Role of the Built Environment in Determining Juvenile-Tree Survivorship in Worcester, Massachusetts" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Johnson, Kim
"Children's Perceptions of the environment in Worcester, MA: An evaluation of environmental education in an urban environment" | Advisor: John Rogan

Landesman, Katherine
"Characterizing Mangrove Distribution and Change in Antsohihy, Madagascar" | Advisor: John Rogan

Rosenblum, Hannah
"Determining Detectability of Juvenile Trees with Airborne LiDAR" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin

Scott, Warren
"Sea ice trends in the Cape Bathurst and Saint Lawrence Island Polynyas, 1980-2014" | Advisor: Karen Frey

Shah, Sanika
"Lifting the Curtain on Myanmar's Foreign Investments: Analyzing the Determinants, Strengths and Constraints of Foreign Investments in Myanmar" | Advisor: Yuko Aoyama

Truong, Chung
"Identifying Optimal Tree Planting Locations in Worcester, MA Using Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis" | Advisor: John Rogan & Deb Martin