Stained glass from the Geography building at Clark

Undergraduate Honors Theses


Altbaum, Elliot
"Food Systems Education: Higher Education's Role in Teaching Wicked Problem Solving"
Awarded High Honors

Andrews, Michelle
"Land surface temperature variability across the urban-rural gradient in Worcester, MA using in situ and Landsat-7 ETM+ data"
Awarded High Honors

Berman, Samuel
"Thermokarst Lake Dissolved Organic Carbon Storage Near Cherskiy, Northeast Siberia"
Awarded Highest Honors

Cunningham, Sean
"Characterizing drivers of land development through periods of housing bubble and bust in Massachusetts using Landsat time series data"
Awarded Highest Honors

Dardas, Anastassios
"Spatial Analysis of Home Health Care Distribution and Cost in Southern New England"
Awarded High Honors

Duncan-Brown, Jamie
"Spatial Relationships of Crime and Unemployment between 2001 and 2011 in the Western Cape, South Africa: Hotspots of Interest in the Crime Capital of the World"
Awarded Honors

Earl, Lucas
"A Glacier Inventory for North Asia"
Awarded Highest Honors

Litchfield, Cody
"Socio-Demographic Patterns of Tree Cover and Loss in Worcester, MA"
Awarded High Honors

Patel, Kayla
"Participation of Civil Society in the Formation of the Rose Kennedy Greenway"
Awarded High Honors

Ritter, Zoe
"Mapping Livelihood Vulnerability to Mineral Extraction in Madre de Dios, Peru"
Awarded Highest Honors