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HERO Biographies

Albert Decatur, Undergraduate '09

Research Interests:

Most of my GIS experience is in land-cover classification, land-cover time series, object based image analysis, and accuracy assessment. My interests extend to cartography, cartograms, toponymy, citizens as sensors, citizens representing themselves, mashups, and strange histories. Did you notice "Where the Pig Fell Off"?

HERO Experience:

I work on the HOLMES project with Colin Polsky and Gil Pontius. HOLMES stands for HERO Object-based Lawn Mapping Exploration of Suburbia. We were previously known as HERO MAP. I design changes to the methodology, perform land-cover classifications, write tutorial documentation and website, help make presentations and build ArcGIS models, as well as coordinate correspondence and meetings. I also designed our team logo.


I enjoy exploring abandoned, neglected, and sacred spaces such as cemeteries, old factories, and places of worship. I also enjoy campaigning for civil rights, comedy , and doing the unexpected with computers and the internet. For instance, running a computer without a hard drive.


Clark University Strabo Prize in Geography, September 2008
Cartography Specialty Group Honors Student Paper Competition, AAG 2009, finalist
Gamma Theta Upsilon Inductee, 2007
Clark University Philosophy Club President 2008-2009
Contact at albert.decatur@gmail.com
CV here.