Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Kids Near Soldiers


What to expect when you arrive in Worcester: Registration for the conference will take place at the Strassler Center on 29 March.

Several students and staff will be present in the hotel lobby to greet you when you check into the hotel. There will be a table at which you may expect to sign in and receive a packet of information about the program and timeline of events.

A staff member will also be present to photocopy or receive the following:

Passport with photo ID for international guests. Drivers license for US citizens.

I-94 card or ESTA, whichever the immigration official has stamped. In some cases, it may be both

Original receipts for travel expenses. Typically, if you purchased your airfare online (and forwarded this expense information to us by email), this means boarding pass or passes are required

A completed and signed W-8BEN form (international) or W-9 (US citizens), if you have not already returned one to us (This has already been sent to conference participants by email attachment)

A signed certification of short-term stay (has also been sent by email) if applicable.

Your passport and I-94 or ESTA will be returned to you immediately.

If you have not received the W-8BEN, W-9, or the certification of short-term stay, please contact us immediately ( and one will be sent to you.

To receive reimbursement for approved travel expenses, visitors must submit original receipts; payments are processed within 2 to 4 weeks. Such payments are dependent upon the immigration officer's determination of the guest's visit, visa status, activities and duration of stay in the United States