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Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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What constitutes effective education about the Holocaust and other genocides in diverse societies? The Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies hosts an international symposium, Policy and Practice: Pedagogy about the Holocaust and Genocide to investigate this question.

The conference opens with a keynote panel History, Politics, and Education: Teaching about the Holocaust and Genocide. Strassler Center Director and Rose Professor Debórah Dwork Dwork will moderate a discussion with Ayşe Gül Altinay (Sabanci University), Khamboly Dy (Sleuk Rith Institute) and Margot Stern Strom (Facing History and Ourselves). Listen to the panel discussion.

Panelists will address key questions: Is Holocaust teaching in the United States and Europe morally driven, possibly at the expense of historical content? What are the politics of education about genocide in a post-conflict society like Cambodia? And what is the impact of curriculum silence in a denialist society such as Turkey? The symposium continues with a series of closed workshop panels on: Formal and Non-Formal Education; Content Orientation vs Civic Education; Challenges and Best Practice; Politics and Policy; and Looking Ahead. Educators, leading academics, museum curators, and doctoral students from around the world will participate.