Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Two Men in Rose Library in Holocaust Education Course

Strassler Center Donors

Donors provide critically important support for the Strassler Center’s rich Holocaust and Genocide Studies curriculum and unique doctoral programs. Their investments have been key to building a program universally recognized for its superior academic achievement. Generous annual gifts help to fund public events, undergraduate and graduate research, and ongoing operation. Endowments established by major contributions have fostered swift and robust growth.

Your support lights the way to a brighter future.  Please make your donation to the Strassler Center at CHGS Donor Form

A Talmudic tale and the meaning of giving
Donations in memory of Holocaust survivor Henry Tobak have funded the Center’s tree of life courtyard and its graduate student offices. A plaque relates a Talmudic tale that explains the significance of these gifts. A young girl asks an old man planting a carob tree how long it will take to bear fruit. Seventy years, he explains. Will he live to enjoy its fruit? she asks. No, he responds, but just as he has enjoyed trees planted by those before him, he hopes to do the same for those to come.  And so it is with our tree. Education, research, and greater human understanding, the fruits of our program, will accrue to the benefit of future generations.     

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