Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Rose Library

Graduate Study Wing

A space for scholarship and outreach

Home to a world-class book collection, the Strassler Center's Rose Library sustains student and faculty scholarship and provides a venue for public education and outreach about the Holocaust and genocide. Now in its second decade, the Strassler Center seeks to accommodate its faculty, burgeoning doctoral student population, and ever-growing book collection.

An innovative addition

With the support of Strassler Center donors and friends like you, we look forward to building a new named Graduate Study Wing to house our expanding collection of books and study carrels for Center doctoral students.

This Graduate Study Wing will provideā€¦

  • Doctoral student carrels and alleviate the faculty office crunch.
  • Quiet study space while hosting lectures, seminars, or receptions.
  • A home for new books and materials essential to scholarship.

Designed by award-winning architect and Rose Library designer Julian Bonder, this innovative addition will double the Center's book capacity and offer urgently needed space for the Center's scholarly community.

Please give generously to help fund construction of the Rose Library Graduate Study Wing. See the sidebar for named gift opportunities and contact information.