Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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Holocaust and Genocide Studies Concentration

The undergraduate concentration educates students about the history of the Holocaust and the Armenian and other genocides. Undergraduates are offered specialized courses to ensure a critical and analytical understanding of the context in which the Holocaust and genocides occurred. While emphasizing history, the undergraduate program encompasses literature, psychology, Jewish studies, geography, political science, sociology, international development, and intercultural studies— all essential to a complete understanding of this complex subject.

Students graduating with a bachelor's degree will have the competencies needed to fill teaching positions anywhere, including all of the states now requiring Holocaust education in public schools. More than 50 percent of American children live in states with mandated or recommended Holocaust education, yet most teachers did not study this subject when they were at college because no courses were offered.  The Center meets this important need for Clark University students.

quoteWith genocide occurring within their own lifetimes, students desperately want to understand how mass murder can unfold. Through a broad range of courses in a variety of disciplines as well as internship opportunities in the United States and abroad, Clark’s undergraduate program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies offers students the opportunity to begin their quest for answers.quote     —Professor Shelly Tenenbaum, Coordinator of Undergraduate Activities

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Shelly Tenenbaum
Coordinator of Undergraduate Activities, Holocaust and Genocide Studies Concentration
Phone: 508.793.7241 or Email: