Innovation & Entrepreneurship

About the Program

We believe all students should have control over their financial destiny. This is true whether you plan to study physics, international relations, psychology or art. Regardless of whether you envision working for yourself or for big business, one thing is clear: you will need to be able to work in teams, create ideas and know how to maximize traditional and non-traditional industry resources to accomplish your goals.

Our Mission: To provide learning experiences for students that build the knowledge, skills and abilities of an entrepreneurial mindset to launch a business or innovate within an organization.

Our Philosophy: To utilize research-based, action-learning practices to foster empathy, creation, experimentation, play and reflection as a way to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in students.

Clark University I&E students are confident, creative, collaborative change makers who are passionate about solving challenging problems.  Students have ample opportunity to develop strong entrepreneurial skills in both academic and co-curricular program offerings.  What is most exciting is the diverse cross-section of the student body that engages and works together throughout the year from all over campus.  All of our courses and co-curricular programming is accessible to students from all majors on campus!

Fun Quick Facts:

    • Approximately 300 students each year take entrepreneurship courses to learn, build and strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset and thinking.
    • Two student run ventures, the Community Thrift Store and The Local Root, have successfully been operating with ongoing student leadership transitions for the past six years on campus.
    • Sixteen teams entered the 2016 Ureka Big Idea Challenge and worked with alumni, faculty and community mentors to shape a business model around their project.  Three ideas split a $5,000 award.