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Profile: Pat Dailey, Clark Student, '08
Dailey Landscaping & Snow Services

Pat DaileyMany successful entrepreneurs get an early start at creating their own business, and Pat Dailey, a Clark junior and Worcester native, is no exception to that rule. At the age of seven he first had the idea to create his own landscaping company and started doing lawn work for friends and neighbors using equipment he borrowed from his father. At 16, he got serious about his work and decided to make a business out of it, partly motivated by the need to soon pay for college. Now, he and his younger brother own Dailey Landscaping and Snow Services, which was officially incorporated in 2002 – Dailey’s senior year of high school. The company currently has approximately 85 clients in Central Massachusetts, including area YMCAs and many local Worcester businesses. Dailey Landscaping provides services such as snow plowing and removal, landscaping, mowing, fertilizing, and stone wall building.

Dailey said one great perk that comes with running his own business is the flexibility his work provides. “This way I can make my own hours and be my own boss,” which, he added, is very convenient when you are a college student with many time commitments. The company recently invested money into creating a more professional image, which includes uniforms, licenses and insurance, and having the company vehicles tagged with the Dailey Landscaping logo. He hopes to continue with the business after graduation, and would like to expand it enough so that he is able to focus on his managerial duties, rather than being out in the field.

Dailey, an economics major, thinks college is a good time to try to start up a business. “It’s a great way to actually try something out before committing to it as a major or career.” His advice to any student with an entrepreneurial interest is to be patient because it takes some time to make money, and you may have to wait two to three years to turn a profit. He added that people need to look at it as “investing in building your company. Don’t get discouraged.””

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