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Dual Degree Programs

IDCE's academic partnership with Clark's Graduate School of Management reflects the University's and IDCE's long tradition of interdisciplinary collaborations. Future professionals who can build bridges between the private and public sectors are increasingly valued in the workplace as cross-sectoral career paths are becoming increasingly common.

Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy/Master of Business Administration

Innovations in technologies and services provided by entrepreneurs and corporations are becoming integral to making a transition to a more sustainable world, and to building the "green collar economy" of the future. Non-governmental organizations, traditionally key partners with governments in pursuing environmental goals, are increasingly collaborating with the business world to address sustainability challenges. These organizations need employees with strong management and strategic planning skills, technical skills (like GIS and data analysis), an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as an understanding of the complexities of environmental science and policy.

Future professionals who combine the mastery in these areas will make a contribution by building bridges between the private and public sectors. Graduates of the ES&P M.S./M.B.A. dual-degree program may pursue jobs in environmental consulting, entrepreneurial environmental leadership, sustainable technology businesses (including renewable energy systems), nonprofit operations and management, corporate sustainability, and others.

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Master of Arts in Community Development and Planning/Master of Business Administration

Professionals leading mission-driven nonprofit and grassroots organizations need sound organizational and financial management skills. To obtain the expertise needed to succeed, CDP students in the dual degree program will be able to draw on two sets of knowledge and skills; one in social enterprise management and the other in the arena of community-based planning and development.

Graduates of the CDP M.A./M.B.A. dual-degree program may pursue careers in the nonprofit sector, municipal government, private consulting, entrepreneurial leadership, education, and more.

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Application Information

In order to apply to a dual degree program, students must submit an application and all required attachments to the IDCE Department. You must also submit an application simultaneously to the GSOM M.B.A. program.

For more information about applying to IDCE dual degree programs, please contact