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Student Organizations

In addition to the broader organizations open to all graduate students at Clark, IDCE offers several different groups in which students can participate to add to the community or pursue their own interests.

IDCE Student Association (SA)

The IDCE Student Association (SA) is a student-run organization that is committed to addressing the entire IDCE graduate student body's concerns and issues. The SA is dedicated to student achievement through participation within the IDCE community and improving communication between students and administration. The organization holds regular meetings which are open to the entire IDCE community.

In addition to these meetings, the SA is involved in planning social activities and events relevant to each of IDCE's four programs. The organization presents opportunities for not only bringing students, staff and faculty together but also linking GISDE, CDP, ES&P and IDSC together in order to maximize the multidisciplinary learning environment.

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SOURCE Coalition

The purpose of The SOURCE Coalition is to establish a safe space to discuss and advocate for topics of race, gender, sexual orientation, privilege, class and ethnicity. It was created to bring to light voices and issues that were not previously taken into consideration. The SOURCE Coalition aims to provide cultural, academic and social support for IDCE Graduate Students.

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IDCE Fellows

IDCE Fellows are an important circle of scholars within the IDCE community. Fellows are outstanding in their search for thoughtful, realistic, and innovative approaches to international development, advancing social change, building community, and promoting environmental sustainability.