International Development and Social Change

Senior Honors Theses

Class of 2013

Alvarez, Alfonso: The Land Reform Processes of El Salvador, 1880-1980: The History and Impact of the Agrarian Model for Economic Development

Chamoun, Hana: SHUTOUT HIV/AIDS: Can Gender-Based Soccer NGOs Empower Black Teenage Girls in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Cilem, Natalie: Contested Sites of Transformation: South African Housing Development Projects and the Social Movements Against Them

Morrison, Samuel: The Political Ecology of Bioprospecting in the Wet Tropics Region of Australia: A Case Study involving 'Ecobiotics'

Margolin, Shelby: Silencing Knowledge: The Constitutive Relationship of Modernity's Narrative and the Rise of Holocaust Awareness

Kogan, Alyssa: Consumerim as Development: the Supermarketfication of Lima, Peru.

Class of 2012

Volkan, Selin: Kurdish Internal Displacement in Turkey and the Socio-economic Marginalization in the Urban Centers: An Assessment of Causes, Consequences, and Proposed Solutions

McGonagle, Katherine: Technology and Climate Justice: Narratives in Grassroots Climate Change Activism

Major, Amanda: Reproducing Inequalities: Effects of Race on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Three States

Trowbridge, Lila: Un Pie Aqui Y El Otro Alla: Identity Formation and Transformation for Dominican Youth in Worcester, Massachusetts

Moody, Samuel: Matapalo Relationships: Aid Effectiveness and the Development of Local Agency in Petén, Guatemala